Family and social gatherings have become a headache for Health. As the minister, Ana Barceló , has said, in the last 2 weeks the cases related to such meetings have multiplied, and now account for 47.9% of all outbreaks, with 15.5% originating from nightlife and 15.5% deriving from the work environment.

According to the most recent statistics, 54.4% of all new cases are in the age range between 15 and 34 years, which has Health say has generated an additional concern. “I want to call for caution and prudence, especially amongst the young population, since it is that sector of the population that has become the main spreader of new cases,” she said.

The Minister has since appealed to all municipalities for their extra surveillance of festive events, meetings or social gatherings, in order to stop the spread of the virus. A resolution that was passed on 17 July required gatherings that exceeded 50 people be brought to the attention of the municipal authority, while those exceeding 150 people, would need specific authorisation from the council.

Meetings of clubs or groups

Barceló stressed that, in many localities, “patron saint festivities have been suspended,” but “that does not prevent the gathering of groups that might still wish to congregate.” For this reason, she demanded that “control and surveillance measures be extreme,” although she said that she will still allow councils to have the final decision.

“I am now asking for extreme measures and vigilance on the part of municipalities, especially at those events that will attract a younger element, as it is the councils that have to authorise these meetings,”

177 new cases and 18 outbreaks

The Valencian Community registered 177 new cases by PCR test since the update on Wednesday, which put the total number of positives since the very start of the pandemic at 14,452 people. By province, the number of new cases is: 8 in Castellón; 44 in the province of Alicante; 125 in the province of Valencia.

On Thursday there were 18 outbreaks, specifically in Castella, Castellón de La Plana, 11 outbreaks in Valencia, 2 in Burjassot, one in Benidorm, another in Villajoyosa and another in Manises. Of these, 7 have originated from social events.

Valencian hospitals currently have 130 people under treatment:  10 in the province of Castellón, nobody in ICU; 46 in the province of Alicante, 7 of them in the ICU; and 74 in the province of Valencia, 5 of them in the ICU. There have been no deaths from coronavirus since the last update.


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