The San Fulgencio City Council has said that, for the time being, the Sabadell bank in the Plaza de la Constitución, will maintain a minimum service for residents, despite the threat of closure

The closure of branches in rural areas is now also affecting the town of San Fulgencio. Banco Sabadell has announced that it is to shut down its office located in the Plaza de la Constitución, despite efforts and negotiations by the City Council to maintain it’s presence in the town.

However, the mayor, José Sampere, said that they have met with the bank on several occasions since the closure was known “and that they have now reached an agreement so that a minimum banking service can be retained”.

The office will maintain a service, two days a week from 9.00 to 12.00 by appointment, as well as on the 25th of each month. In addition, a smart ATM will be installed, at which cash deposits and bill payments can be made.

The mayor expressed his disappointment at the closure saying that he has been unable to do anything to reverse it, and that the bank closure in the heart of the town will see the loss of an important service for residents and for the City Council itself as clients of the bank.

He said that the City Council will work to recover this service “either with Sabadell or with another bank that wants to be in San Fulgencio, and that he regretted the unilateral decision adopted by the bank.

Residents of San Fulgencio have also started a petition to express their disagreement with the decision of the bank, a protest that has also been endorsed by the council.