The game of bingo is experiencing something of an international resurgence as of late, with players heading online to enjoy the most up to date format of what is undoubtedly a classic game.

In Spain, people love to gamble both online and in purpose-built salas de juego, where players can enjoy bingo, roulette, sports betting and more. Bingo has been played in Spain for many years and it is undeniable that Spanish people have just as much of an affinity with the game as most countries.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Spanish people’s love for bingo, tracking the popularity of the game in Spain up to the present-day situation.

Let’s first take a look at current statistics around bingo in Spain.

Is bingo popular with Spanish people?

Although perhaps most closely associated with British culture, the game of bingo is actually popular across the globe.

In Spain, bingo is beloved by many players and recent statistics support this. In fact, a 2018 study showed that spending on online bingo in that year came to a whopping €13 million in Spain, a rise of 18% on the previous year’s figure.

Players mostly enjoy bingo online in Spain with pay by phone bill bingo sites proving especially popular. There remains a small minority who heads to local games rooms to enjoy bingo on electronic machines. Many towns and cities also have bingo halls were players love nothing more than to congregate with friends and enjoy a glass or two of beer or wine whilst playing this exciting game.

How do Spanish people play bingo?

With the ban on smoking in public places in the late 2000s, many bingo lovers took their business online. They realized that they could play from the comfort of their own homes and smoke as many cigarettes as they liked!

In 2012, a further blow was made to bingo halls when the Spanish government passed a law stating that only websites with a bingo license from the Spanish national gambling authority and a .es domain could offer games to people in the nation.

Nowadays, most bingo lovers in Spain play wherever they like, enjoying both Spanish and international bingo sites.

Overall, it can be said that the Spanish people have a strong affinity for bingo and the game has been part of the national culture for many years. Online bingo is now the preferred method for playing the game in Spain, as it is in most nations across the planet.