CBD oil offers many benefits, and this article will outline the benefits of CBD oil as well as explain how to find the best oil in the UK. After reviewing this guide we’ve written with the help of the CBD experts at Hypothesis Journal and Blessed CBD, you can make your CBD oil purchase with assurance, as you will have all the facts you need. 

There are many resources online, and our job is to provide you with a concise guide of accurate information. We have left no stone unturned, consulted with experts, and done our homework so you do not have to do anything but make your purchase. 

CBD oil can have some side effects, and we will outline those for you too, so you can fully know what to expect when making your CBD oil purchase in the UK. Since rules and regulations are different all over the world, we have focused our specialization specifically on the UK, and we will explain how you can buy CBD oil legally to supplement your health and well-being. 

Selecting the Best CBD Oil

The most important part of your purchase is the oil itself. You want to make sure you purchase the highest quality CBD oil that is best for your needs. When you are making your purchase, there are a few key elements you will want to consider.

CBD content

Basically, you want to find a product that has the purest amount of CBD. Any quality product should outline for you specifically how much CBD it holds in milligrams. Be wary of percentages and information that is not clear.

Like most medicines, your dosage might be different than your friend’s dosage. In order to know the right dosage for yourself, you will want to be able to clearly track it. When you take CBD oil, know exactly how many milligrams or milliliters (mg or ml) you are taking. That way, you can track how it makes you feel and know if you need to increase or lower the dosage. 

CO2 Extraction

You will want to purchase CBD oil that has been CO2 extracted? This means that the cannabinoids in the oil have been fully preserved. There are so many cannabinoids in cannabis, and if the CBD oil has been properly extracted, you will get the maximum benefit. There are other methods of extraction, but they are not as effective as CO2 extraction, and you might not reap all the benefits. Instead, you could intake some chemicals that you do not want to. 

Is the THC content considered safe? 

Any product that you purchase should come with a certificate that states the THC content is in the right legal range. You do not want to buy something out of range as it could be harmful to your health, and it could also potentially get you in legal trouble. 

Look for Organic and Products that do not have Toxins 

Like most foods and medicines you ingest, organic is going to be better and a little healthier. Look to buy CBD oil that is pure and certified organic. Truly organic CBD oil should have been lab tested and have pesticides removed. 

Be mindful – does the product claim to be organic or can they show actual documentation that they are certified as organic? A truly organic product should be able to prove it with certification.

At Blessed CBD, we organically farm our CBD oil, and can provide you with certifications to prove it. You can purchase from Blessed CBD with confidence, knowing you are getting high quality products produced right in the UK.

More than just Cannabidiol

If you’re researching CBD oil, you probably already know about cannabidiol. What else do you need to know about? You want to know if the oil has other cannabinoids, or if it is from the whole plant. 

Pay attention to the source of the CBD, and again remember to note the extraction method. Ideally, you will be able to buy pure oil that is free of chemicals. 

There are other beneficial ingredients available in some CBD oil, but not all. Look for ingredients like CBDa (Cannabidiol Acid), CBN (Cannabinol), CBG (Cannabigerol), and CBGa (Cannabigerol Acid).

Be aware that even if you get one batch of CBD oil with all those ingredients, it could affect you differently than another batch with the same ingredients. Since this is all plant based, keep in mind that all crops and varieties are different and can affect your body in different ways. 

Testing Procedures 

Since CBD oil has become legalized that means it should all be adequately tested. Do not buy CBD oil that does not come from a manufacturer that can prove it does testing. Be cautious that this is a new market, and there are some smaller companies trying to take advantage of the market and produce products that have not been tested because it is cheaper for them. 

Any brand you purchase should be able to prove the source and testing of its products. You should be able to obtain a certificate at any time you ask for it. 

Some of the things that should be tested for are the potency of the CBD oil and if there are any heavy metals, toxins, or pesticides.

Laws in the UK for Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp

Legalizing CBD is relatively new. While hemp and cannabis have been around for thousands of years, only recently has the legal system caught up. In the following section, you will learn about what hemp, cannabis, and CBD are, and where the UK is at in regards to legalizing using each of them. 

Introduction to CBD (Cannabidiol)

CBD’s full name is cannabidiol, and it is arguably the most popular of all cannabinoids that are naturally found inside the plant that is cannabis. Since it does not intoxicate you, it is deemed as the safest option to ingest from the cannabis option. For example, another part of the cannabis plant is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is infamous for its ability to get you high, or make you feel intoxicated. CBD will give you some of the health benefits of cannabis, and none of the ill side effects. You can safely take CBD as part of your regular diet. 

Cannabis and Hemp Plants

The cannabis plant has many different offshoots, and cannabis and hemp are actually two different varieties of the plant. They are similar, but are actually two different types of plant. 

Hemp is actually cannabis that has lower than 0.2% THC, which means it alone should not intoxicate you. Hemp seeds can actually be used in cooking oil, and the flowers and leaves can be used to create CBD food supplements. It is not as strong as cannabis, and can be used safely. 

Cannabis, on the other hand, typically contains more THC, and is usually the variety that is smoked and used recreationally. People that are interested in getting high tend to do so by ingesting cannabis. It can be dangerous if used incorrectly and in high doses.

CBD and Hemp Oils 

Like Cannabis and Hemp plants are different, so are CBD and Hemp oils. CBD oil actually uses the whole cannabis plant, it is derived from everything like leaves, flowers, and seeds. The biggest difference with hemp oil is that it comes only from hemp seeds and no other parts of the plant. 

You should also know that CBD oils can be used as food supplements, and you can buy them as gummies, balms, and oils. 

Hemp oil is only available as oil, and you cannot consume it as a gummy or a balm. Primarily, it is used to cook with or as a skin moisturizer. 

UK Laws surrounding CBD Oil 

In 2017, CBD oil became legal to consume in the UK. At Blessed CBD oil, we created oils that can be used in the UK. Once CBD oil became legal, residents in the UK had problems getting US products shipped to the UK. We created Blessed CBD oils, so you will have no issue getting quality, organic CBD oils shipped directly to you in the UK.

While most CBD products are not legal in the UK, pay attention to what the products contain. As, if there is too much THC, it is not legal. Blissed CBD oils are legal and are not promoted to be medicinal. Be cautious in buying any CBD product that is advertised as being medicinal. 

Do not worry about the product containing less than 0.2% THC, as that law does not pertain to the UK, only to the rest of Europe. Even still, certain hemp plants can still be grown that have higher levels of THC. 

Any CBD product that is available for sale in the UK cannot be considered medicine. Any product claiming to be medicinal would need to go through much more stringent testing and regulations before it could be sold. 

Blissed CBD oil is exempt from this as our products are designed to be good supplements, and should not be consumed for medicinal purposes. 

One other thing to keep in mind, selling cannabis oil is still illegal in the UK. That is, the sale of oil containing levels of THC.  However, while it is illegal to sell it, it is possible to get a prescription from the doctor to use it for medicinal purposes. It’s actually the opposite of CBD oil. CBD oil cannot be sold as a medicine, cannabis oil can only be provided as medicine if you have a prescription. 

Why CBD Oil is Beneficial

Let’s talk about why CBD oil is so beneficial and can be a great additive to your healthy diet. If you are looking to purchase it, you should know all of the good things that CBD can do for you and your body. Why has CBD become such a household name and so easy to obtain? What are the health benefits of CBD oil? 

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is actually the name for the molecules that interact with our body. Read on below for how CBD oil positively affects that system. CBD oil can help alleviate many symptoms from anxiety, to joint pain, to immune system disorders. While you should never consume CBD oil instead of medicine or instead of doctor’s recommendations, it can safely be used as a supplement in addition to your doctor’s recommendations. 

What exactly is the endocannabinoid system?

This is the formal name for all the chemical receptors and human cannabinoids that are known as endocannabinoids. Our bodies have receptors in our central and peripheral nervous system that are positively affected by CBD oil. There are also receptors in our brains and spine that are positively influenced by CBD oil. 

There are two types of the endocannabinoids that are known about, the anandamide and 2-AG (2-arachidonoylglycerol). Each of these are made by your body under different circumstances and do different things. Anandamide is thought to be what causes the feelings of ‘runner’s high’. When Anandamide is activated, we tend to have a more relaxed, natural high feeling. CBD oil influences this positively, and can help you feel more relaxed and less anxious. 

How the Endocannabinoid System Functions

To understand how CBD oil affects the endocannabinoid system, we need to understand how the system functions. This system essentially serves to regulate your body’s homeostatic mechanisms, which works to keep your whole body in a healthy balance. This is the system of your body that works when you are feeling ill, hot, cold, stressed, etc. Anytime your body feels a certain way, these mechanisms work to regulate your body and return it to normal. 

Keeping your homeostatic mechanisms regulated can help fight off chronic disease, science has proven this to be true. One way to keep your homeostatic mechanisms functioning is to supplement with CBD oil, as the oil works directly with the receptors in your body to help your system work as effectively as possible.

While research is still limited, there is research out there that proves CBD oil helps your endocannabinoid system work optimally. Blessed CBD oil has been created specifically to help your ECS produce more or less cannabinoids depending on which stress your body is experiencing. If you are looking to regulate your ECS, Blessed CBD oil can help you with that. 

Will CBD Oil make you feel high or intoxicated? 

You can use Blissed CBD oil safely and confidently in regular everyday life, knowing that it will not make you feel high. It is not made with THC, which is the part of cannabis that can make you feel intoxicated. In general, after consuming Blissed CBD oil, you will most likely feel relaxed and more grounded, without feeling high, drunk, or stressed out. You might not feel anything at all, but you can know that the CBD oil is working in your body to improve and regulate the systems in your body. 

Is CBD oil effective?

Anytime you are taking a new food supplement or herb, you might not feel an effect immediately. Everybody’s bodies work differently, and you might need to experiment with dosing until you attain the optimal effect. 

There are several factors that account for how CBD oil will make you feel and what dose you should take. Some of the factors you should consider before starting your CBD oil journey are:

  • Weight and height – a smaller person is going to process CBD oil differently than a larger person
  • What is your metabolism? Do you normally metabolize food and beverages quickly or slowly?
  • What other supplements and medicine are you on that could affect the same systems in your body as CBD oil? 
  • What is your diet? Someone eating a lean plant based diet is going to process CBD oil more than someone eating a Standard American Diet high in carbs and fat. 
  • What type of product are you consuming? Oil, edibles, vapor, etc. are all processed differently in your body. 

There is no right answer to the above. Just learn to understand your body and you can learn how CBD oil will affect your body. Remember that consuming CBD oil is not like taking a pill. You are not going to feel an immediate effect. Start out with a low dose, monitor your body, and eventually increase until you find the desired effect. 

Using CBD Oil

Now that you have learned about some of the effects CBD oil can have on your body, and you have begun to think about how to consume it, let’s dive into figuring out what is best for your body. 

Fortunately, CBD oil is a very safe product, so there is room to grow and experiment. Taking a little extra is not going to be addictive, and you can do this freely without concern until you determine the right dose.

There are a few basic tenets that you should follow to make sure you are getting the most from your Blissed CBD oil. 

  • Choose the best quality product 
  • Find the right dose for you
  • Determine what product type is best for your body 

What is the right dosage for you?

Since CBD oil is legal in the UK, our first recommendation is to consult a doctor to make sure you are taking it safely, especially if you have any healthy conditions or are on any medication. 

That said, you should not take more than 200mg per day, and we recommend you start lower. You can always add more if you feel you need it. 

You should start off by taking just 10mg twice per day until your body adjusts. If after a few days you are not feeling the effects, you can increase your dose to 20mg twice per day. When increasing dose, always do so in small increments, and let your body adjust for a few days before increasing again. Know your body, and do not go over 200mg on any day. 

If twice a day is not enough, you can spread it out and take CBD oil as many as three or four times a day. 

CBD Content

The labels on CBD oil can be quite confusing. Different brands have different labels, some talk in milligrams, some in milliliters, and still some in percentages. Percentages can be trickiest since the percentage does not tell you how much CBD oil there is as you then need to consider how big the bottle is to know how much CBD oil you have. Confused? Read on, and we will help explain how to determine how much CBD oil you are actually consuming. 

Which is the right type of CBD product for you?

For the most part, in the UK you can buy 7 different types of CBD. Like any other purchase you make, there are benefits and drawbacks to each type, and you will want to consider these before making your selection. Consider the product’s bioavailability, which basically means how your body absorbs cannabinoids and how long the cannabinoid will stay in your system. This is important to know so you can learn how much of a CBD oil you should take.

CBD oil drops

This is one of the most popular ways to consume CBD oil, and it is the purest form of CBD oil, as you are consuming the whole-plant, organic CBD extract. Within the oil is CBD and 400 chemical compounds, which are called cannabinoids. CBD oil is effective because these compounds work best when they are consumed together.

Does CBD oil work instantly? 

It is not like taking a pill or having a drink of alcohol. It can take some time for the effects to set in, and it is best consumed regularly. Blissed CBD oil works best when you put a couple drops under your tongue and hold it there for a couple of minutes before you swallow it. The longer you hold it, the more intense the effect will be.

Consuming CBD oil orally usually means that it might take between 30 minutes to 2 hours before the effect sets in, but it should last up to as many as 8 hours. Lasting up to 8 hours is why CBD oil and drops are so popular. It is really easy to consume and the effect is quite long lasting. Most other ways of consumption are not as easy or as effective.

Taking CBD oil under the tongue

Putting the oil under your tongue is going to be the most effective and efficient way to consume CBD oil. Any CBD oil that is taken from the whole-plant extract can be quite thick and might taste like hemp. Because of this, make sure you hold the dropper close ro your mouth, as it will drop slowly. Make sure you know how many drops the dropper can hold before dispensing them. 

Blissed CBD oil is usually best consumed before a meal or before bedtime. You can also take it whenever you feel symptoms flaring, but we do recommend taking it at consistent times of days. Refer to some of their reviews to learn more:

If you live in Europe, your best option would be Nutra CBD – a premium supplier of CBD oil products based in the Netherlands.

Using a CBD spray

While the oil can be somewhat thick, it is possible to dilute CBD oil and make it into a CBD spray. This can sometimes be more convenient when you travel because you do not have to worry about the drops spilling or leaking in your travel bag.

Another reason some people prefer CBD sprays is because they can be a bit milder and have less of a taste than the oil. This might be good for those who are new to CBD and might want a better taste, as the spray can be milder. Some sprays also have some natural flavors that taste a little better than the oil. 

CBD hemp tea

Tea is relatively new to the market, and it gives a relaxing vibe to taking cannabinoids. You can brew a dried combination of dried Cannabis flowers, buds, stems, leaves and seeds, which is going to have a different flavor and effect than if you were to consume oil from the plant. A cup of hemp tea offers different properties and is higher in some flavors and lower in others. You can also bake or cook with hemp tea, and incorporate it into your meals. 

CBD Topicals like balm or cream  

CBD creams, balms and body salves have increased in popularity as you can rub them right onto the skin. If you have joint pain, this could be the most instant method of getting CBD into the affected area, as it can be absorbed by blood vessels. By applying the creams to your skin, you are skipping the digestion process and targeting specific areas of your bodies. The good news is, the CBD will be very effective for the targeted area, and the bad news is the rest of your body will not reap as many benefits. 

CBD capsules and pills

Maybe you take multivitamins as part of your daily routine, and you want to add a CBD pill to your routine. There is an option for you to do that. You can take CBD oil as a capsule, which makes it convenient. You can travel easily with them and you’ll never forget to take them if you are already taking other vitamins. The other positive of capsules is that you might not like the taste of the oil. If you do not care for the taste take a capsule, which mostly conceals the taste of the CBD. You are also able to reliably take the same dose without measuring anything. While it might take a bit longer to feel the effects, you should feel the effects for up to 8 hours, just as if you were consuming CBD oil.

CBD vaping and e-liquids

Similar to CBD sprays, consuming CBD vapes or e-liquids get into the body the same way. Vegetable glycerine (or also propylene glycol) actually carries the vapor to the body, by allowing the main ingredient to be vaporised. This is not the most convenient option, as you will need to buy a special electronic vaporizer, and you will have many sizes and varieties to choose from. 

While a bit more cumbersome, many people prefer vaping as you can experience different flavors. If you are looking for an experience, more than a quick method of consumption, vaping can be the way to go, as it is very effective. Since the CBD is entering your body through the respiratory system, it can get into your bloodstream within 5 minutes, making the quickest method of consumption. The downside is that it only stays in your system for about 3 hours. If you are looking for something quick during the day, this is a good option. But, if you are looking for an overnight or an all-day option, there are better options available for consumption. 

CBD Gummies

A fun way to consume CBD is by eating CBD gummy bears. Keep in mind that these also contain sugar, so they are not as organic as some of the other options on the list. But, if you are sick of counting drops or taking capsules, this is a fun way to have a snack and still feel the effects of CBD oil. Make sure you count how many you take. Since these feel more like candy and less like medicine, you can easily lose track of how much you take. While they are as fun as taking candy, they are as serious as taking medicine, so be mindful of your dosing, and make sure to keep them away from children.



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