• Civil Guard confiscate Roman amphoras possibly from the 1st century, 18th c. metal anchor and limestone plaque, inscribed ESTE, in Santa Pola raid

By Andrew Atkinson

The Civil Guard have confiscated 13 Roman amphoras – which could date to the 1st century – along with a metal anchor from the 18th century, and limestone plaque, inscribed ESTE, in a raid on a Santa Pola frozen fish products store.

The olive growing amphoras were used to transport oil from the Betic zone of the peninsula and shipped in the Portus Ilicitanus, heading to Rome; along with to transport wine and fish sauces.

The items have been transferred to the Santa Pola Sea Museum, for safekeeping and authentication.

The Civil Guard investigation, in collaboration of the Valencian Community Department of Education, Culture and Sport, got underway after the SEPRONA Civil Guard agents carried out a routine inspection.

Investigations are underway, reportedly with the owner and his son of the Santa Pola business, deemed as alleged perpetrators of a crimes against historical heritage and heritage and socioeconomic order.

The historic items were found in the sea while fishing and are of valued heritage, moreso if confirmed that they are Roman amphoras from the 1st century.

The Civil Guard have instructed proceedings for alleged perpetrators of a crime against the historical heritage and crime of reception; acquisition and or possession of objects knowing their doubtful or illegal origin.

The inspection outcome with be noticed to the Ministry of Public Health and Universal Health and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Proceedings are taking place at the Investigating Courts of Elche.