The Region of Murcia has more than twenty golf courses where golf professionals teach players of all levels.

As the sport sweeps across every corner of the Region’s more than twenty golf courses the many schools and professionals are on hand to assist and teach everyone, from an absolute beginner to low handicap players.

Every club has all the equipment necessary for those who would like to try the sport before committing themselves to purchase new equipment or material. Comfortable clothing, trainers, a desire to try and a good attitude is all that is needed.

If all that is required is to improve your game, iron out small defects or vices and perfect certain parts of your game after many days without playing, these same professionals will help with even the most minor correction.

Golf is ideal for all ages with multiple health benefits. Players are in contact with nature, during an activity where you walk between six and twelve kilometres during a round, depending on whether you play nine or eighteen holes, with the advantage of enjoying the outdoors, very important nowadays and far more preferable than closed spaces.

It constitutes a very complete, low-impact physical activity for ages 5 to 90 years and helps with mental health, helps also to maintain concentration and helps to strengthen personal relationships, all at very affordable prices, for the same price as the membership of a Gym for a month..

More than twenty courses in the Murcia Region are all prepared for your introduction or enjoyment of the world of golf, by the best professionals from the Murcian and Spanish Golf Federation and the Spanish PGA, with access to equipment and facilities where learning is guaranteed, complete with the proper training regarding the rules of golf, techniques and club advice and, of course, how to plan and get the most out of your swing.

Professionals certified by the Spanish Federation can then grant students who have passed a course an official handicap so that they may then participate in competitions.

Murcia’s professionals, the keepers of golf
Murcia’s professionals, the keepers of golf


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