The President of the Catalonia Generalitat, Quim Torra, has issued an ultimatum this morning to the Catalan population: if in 10 days, the “critical” situation of the pandemic has not improved, he will have to make drastic decisions and return to total confinement as was the case during the month of March.

“I ask for a collective effort, solidarity and civic duty from all,” he said at a press conference at the Palau de la Generalitat, accompanied by the secretary of public health, Josep Maria Argimon. “We must take extreme preventive measures,” he said. “We are back to what we were in the month of February and it is in our hands to avoid a repeat of the situation in March,” he said. “It is everyone’s job, we cannot put a policeman on every corner,” he insisted.

Torra has not announced any specific measures beyond those that are already in force in much of Catalonia. “We are facing 10 most important days to find out whether, with the cooperation of all, we can begin to recover from the critical situation, if we do not we will have to go back,” he warned.

Torra said that in the last week, 5,000 infections have been registered throughout Catalonia, 2,000 more than the previous week. Currently, there are 75 people admitted to ICU, when on July 1 there were 49. As for PCR tests, the Catalan health service performs 62,000 weekly.

Torra has said that we are facing the 10 most decisive days of the summer. “We are on the verge of March, everyone knows what happened in March” the total confinement of the population, he warned. He warned that he will not hesitate to adopt whatever measures are necessary at all times and that “he will not bow to any lobby.”