Turisme Comunitat Valenciana have said that they will take care of travellers with covid-19 who holiday in the Valencian Community and who are in need of home isolation.

This has been agreed by Francesc Colomer with Hosbec, CET-CV, APHA, Aptur and the Federation of CV Campings. However the tourists that are found to be positive with coronavirus will be accommodated free of charge for their ‘extra’ stay refuge hotel accommodation if they do not have insurance.

Turisme has asked companies in the sector for proposals as to which two establishments to contract as ‘refuge hotels’. These will have to be located in Alicante and Valencia, but will also provide coverage in Castellón, and their requirement will last for two months from the signing of the contract, and can be extended for another month.

The General Director of Tourism, Herick Campos, has now also signed the technical and economic conditions that the hotels must meet, such as daily cleaning of the room; lunch, lunch and dinner service; the items used for serving disinfected meals or the reception service. In addition, the establishment will designate one or more contact persons to maintain a direct information channel with the Health department and the general director of Tourism.

The Ministry of Health will assess the suitability of all proposals, which will finally be chosen by Turisme. They will be based on the criteria of proximity to the territorial area with the highest amount of tourist accommodation, proximity to a reference hospital, the category of establishments and accredited accessibility.

The maximum contract price will be 180,000 euros (VAT excluded). Within this framework, the established price is 60 euros for a double room with full board and 40 euros for a double room for single use with full board. Proposals by organizations and companies will have to be submitted before July 28 at 2:00 p.m.

The minster has asked that tourists be made aware that these hotels are available to them at no cost if they do not have insurance.


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