Came the day, came the crowds to watch the Final of the Pairs League. I should say that there were more than half the Club who turned up to watch. In fact I would say there were more people than the Villa have had in the last four months.

Firstly a big thank to Captain Dave Hadaway and Competition Secretary, Don Fowkes for sorting out the Pairs League. It made a very enjoyable Friday morning. Our two pairs were John Rae and Dave McGaw versus Lesley and Dave Joynes.

John and Dave started off quickly and built up a lead. Dave was leading very well. In fact my hands were soar from clapping him.

The Joynes, fairly new to the game of bowls were showing they have learnt quickly and pulled back on Dave and John’s lead. The crowd clapped and cheered for the good standard of bowls being produced. You could see that King Len and Queen Sue were enjoying themselves watching from the Royal Box.

The more experienced pair pulled ahead again in the latter part of the Final but give them their due Lesley and Dave came back at them but couldn’t quite manage it. So our Winners were Dave McGaw and John Rae, finishing six shots clear.

Looks like it be, good for the Winter League as it is playing Pairs this coming season. If you wish to play in the Winter League, can you please let Dave Hadaway know asap.


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