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By Lynda Bentley

Summer is here and the State of Emergency is over.  Although Covid 19 is still out there, we can’t hide away for ever and life goes on.  Holidays are now available, and we are allowed to travel, so let’s see where we can go.  After being on lockdown and not getting out, even a few days away would be wonderful.  So maybe somewhere not too far away would be a place to start this summer.

Spain has so much to offer and those who live here rarely venture out of the area they live in.  There are so many cities full of culture and brilliant architecture or you can go to a different coastline to soak up the sun.

Valencia is easy to get to either by car or train.  Just be aware, the traffic is so intense in the city with roundabouts with seven lines, a nightmare to manoeuvre round.

  • What does Valencia offer, a fantastic array of things to see and do.
  • Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain, full of fascinating history.

The Cuidad Vella- old town, is a must with Plaza de La Virgen full of cafes and imposing public buildings.  It is here you can see the Cathedral of Valencia, it stands majestically, extremely ornate and strikingly beautiful. It is said the Holy Grail is housed here, dating back to the first century AD.

You can climb the 207 steps of its spiral staircase, where at the top the scenery is spectacular.  Also, the church San Nicolas de Bari was built in 1242 and has recently been restored. It is a sensational, beautiful church, very ornate with cherubs a plenty, all painted in striking colours.

Valencia City of Arts & Sciences

The new town is where the Cuidad de La Artes y Las Ciencias (Arts and Science) Museums are located, a must when visiting Valencia. These huge, modern, extraordinary buildings stand tall and proud and differ so much from the city’s traditional buildings, they are full of glass and metal and are of obscure shapes.

Inside is a fascinating array of hands on activities for adults and children alike.

Oceanografic has the largest aquarium in Europe.  Hours of entertainment abound.

Mercado de Colon built in 1916 as a market is no longer a market, it is now full of cafes and restaurants plus upmarket and boutique food stores, well worth a visit to wander around.

Valencia has it all, as it is a city on the coast, so after hours of taking in the delights of what it has to offer, take a break down by the sea and chill and rest those weary feet, ready for the next day.  Many of the beaches have Blue Flags, there is Arenas an idyllic beach with plenty of cafes and restaurants. A quieter one is The Patacona, both are easy to commute to on public transport.

Aerial view over Valencia Temple

From 12 euros you can obtain a 7-day Tourist Card, this gives you:

  • Entrance to 20 museums
  • 15% discounts on local attractions
  • Uninterrupted 90-minute bus tour
  • 2 Tapas and 2 beverages.
  • Guidebook and map.

Transportation is not included on the card.

There is so much here for children as the Science Museum and Oceanographic would be fascinating for most children.

Also, for children:

  • Gulliver Park in Turia Gardens. In here they have a 70m sculpture with amazing slides.
  • Biopark an innovative Zoo in Central Valencia
  • Paddle surfing in a unique environment just out of the City.
  • Multiadventure Circuit including, ziplines, paintballing and climbing.
  • Toy Soldiers L’lber Museum. It displays 95,000 pieces. The museum is located in an old gothic style palace on Caballeros street.

These are just a few activities for children that are on offer.

The best trip for seeing the City in a weekend is a novel Tuk Tuk.  It takes up to 4 people and visits the Old Town, City of Arts and Sciences and the beach area.

Sight seeing in a fun way.

Plaza de la Virgen

Not many would think to visit the train station unless using the trains, but Valencia train station is one of the most beautiful in Spain.  A spectactular, modern building with a unique style. It was built as a tribute to the importance of the Valencian  orange trade.

There is a gothic influence, creative mosaic work and intricate iron work with colourful ceramics that are superb.

At the end of your stay and you are wanting to buy something authentic as a souvenir. Why not try a wander around the Plaza Redonda or Calle de las Cestas for handmade craft souvenirs.


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