The Mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, and the Councillor for Health, José Galiano, visited the proposed site for the second Orihuela Costa Health Centre on Wednesday, together with Alberto de Rosa, CEO of Ribera Salud, Hipólito Caro, medical director of Primary Care and Pedro Munuera, the finance director.

The land is being made available by the council to the Ministry of Health for a new multipurpose health centre which will be built at a cost of 6 million euro. Covering an area of 10,693 m2, the site is located in Sector PAU-20 “La Ciñuelica”, close to Punta Prima.

“Residents and visitors to the Coast need much better healthcare with more facilities and a more complete service. Right now that demand is abeing progressed and we are talking to the people who have the responsibility of ensuring that we get this service”, explained Bascuñana.

The CEO of Ribera Salud said that he is “committed to investing 6 million euros to build a multipurpose health centre, with specialties that will improve the care of Orihuela residents who live on the coast.”

Future health services would include “many common specialties as well as a rehabilitation service and a high-performance sports medicine area, given that the environment has an important sports and social fabric, which can be used by all patients supported by the Department of Health, not only those who fall under the remit of the centre ”.

The mayor has urged the Ministry of Health to speak out so that we all know “their position on this project.” He also thanked the Councillor for Health and the CEO of Ribera Health “for their work and willingness to meet a need that we have on the coast, something that I, as mayor, have been asking for since June 2015”.

He said that “the next step to is to make this land available to the Ministry of Health and that it now moves forward with this basic and essential project, so that the health service in the Orihuela Costa can better serve the people who live and holiday on the coast”.