Despite the fact that only last year, the Orihuela government declared the refurbishment of the Orihuela bull ring it’s ‘star project’, refurbished at a cost of more than €500,000 to carry out summer events, cinema, open-air concerts, plays and other leisure events, the venue has been used to host just one event, last year’s Armengola gala dinner.

Since that time very little cleaning or maintenance has been carried out and the site is once again in very great danger of falling into disrepair.

The playground and the green areas are completely overgrown and the areas intended to accommodate a cafe and a museum are closed and dirty due a lack of attention and to water leaks following the last rains.

A spokesperson for the PSOE, in denouncing the current condition of the bull ring, said that “due to an evident lack of maintenance nothing suggests that the doors will re open anytime soon.”

The PSOE say that this situation is a reflection of the mayor’s policy, it is forgotten. Following an investment of more than €500,000 the people of Orihuela should have gained a cultural and leisure centre. “However, what we have is a just another building that is once again on its way to becoming an abandoned ruin.”


  1. I’m sorry to see this left to nature but we are in times that are unprecedented and a lot of thing are dropping by the wayside. Some things have to take a back seat so that money is spent on necessity’s. Hopefully when we return to some sort of normality it can be used and bought back to life


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