• Four new cases have been confirmed in the last 24 hours in the province

Alicante is, for now, the only province in the Valencian Community that has not registered any further coronavirus outbreak. This is shown in the daily figures published by the Ministry of Health, which does confirm two outbreaks in the province of Valencia (the meat company in Rafelbunyol and a new one in Burjassot), as well as one in the city of Castellón linked to a celebration of San Juan.

In the province of Alicante, four new cases have been confirmed but no deaths. Since the pandemic broke out, 3,992 cases and 512 deaths have been registered. In addition, right now there are 19 patients with coronavirus in hospitals in Alicante, four of them in the ICU. In Alicante there is also one nursing home still under surveillance as it has cases of coronavirus among residents.

One deceased in the last hours in the Community

The Valencian Community has broken the trend of zero coronavirus deaths after registering the first death in the last week. The day also saw 19 new cases confirmed, the majority linked to the outbreaks declared in Castellón -two weeks ago- and also in Burjassot, where a new outbreak has also been confirmed.

As reported by the Ministry in a statement, Public Health continues to study contacts in the outbreak in the city of Castellón. Four new cases have been confirmed, bringing the total number of people affected to 31.

Regarding the outbreak of the Rafelbunyol Company, PCR tests continue to be carried out to rule out possible cases in those workers who share common areas with colleagues who have already tested positive.

Finally, in the town of Burjassot, 6 positive cases have been declared. This is a single family outbreak and contacts are being tracked. The tests that have been carried out so far have been negative.

The Valencian Community has registered a total of 74 hospital discharges to patients with coronavirus, so that the total number of those cured amounts to 17,088 people. By provinces: 2,406 in Castellón, 5,717 in Alicante and 8,963 in Valencia, to which 2 dischargesof displaced persons.

In addition, 19 new cases have been confirmed, bringing the total figure to 11,689 people: 2 in Castellón (1,640 in total); 4 in the province of Alicante (3,992 in total); 13 in the province of Valencia (6,055 in total); and two more unassigned cases. It is necessary to add 2 previously not assigned, since one of them has been reassigned today to the province of Valencia.

Thus, at the moment 275 cases remain active, which represents 1.4% of the total number of positive cases.


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