Two cases of coronavirus test positive as flights resume to Jersey

Former Rojales resident Rosemary le Messurier.
Former Rojales resident Rosemary le Messurier.

By Andrew Atkinson

Former Rojales resident Rosemary le Messurier has told The Leader that the first people to arrive in Jersey has ended in isolation, amidst COVID-19 fears, when testing positive.

“It has not been a good start in Jersey to opening borders, as one of the first passengers in has been tested positive for the virus,” said Rosemary.

“They are in isolation for 14 days – and now others close to that person have to be traced,” said Rosemary.

And following suit from the first case of coronavirus testing positive, another case has been reported after the arrival of a easyJet flight.

“A second case of coronavirus has also tested positive following an easyJet flight arriving,” added Rosemary.


  1. You have the wrong island – it’s in Jersey. Guernsey is still free of the virus and has not opened it’s borders yet unlike Jersey


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