I’m sure that we all suffer from bad shoe odour, a problem that occurs predominantly during the summer months.

When the shoe is made of synthetic materials, it does not ventilate, and, together with the heat, it is a breeding round for bacteria and fungi that can cause infections such as athlete’s foot. Luckily, there are a number of homemade solutions that will remove bad odour from shoes, all of which work very well.

They are remedies that you can prepare with ingredients that we all have in the kitchen, such as lemon, tea bags and baking soda.


This is one of the simplest solutions, and also the most effective. Lemon juice neutralizes bad odour , while fighting microorganisms. Just apply a few drops of juice on the inside of the shoes and let it dry. Works very well!

Tea bags

Dried tea bags is another good solutions to remove odour from shoes. The sachet absorbs excess moisture and mouldy odour. The used tea bags should be completely dry. Then put them inside the shoes, and let them work overnight.

Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate also eliminates bacteria and fungi, responsible for the bad odour in footwear during summer. It’s as easy as putting a little baking soda inside your shoes and letting it sit overnight to absorb germs and moisture.

Try any of the homemade tricks above to remove the bad smell in your shoes, they really could not be easier and you will be pleasantly surprised.


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