Having sexual performance anxiety can have a big impact on your mental health. Learn the causes behind it and how you can finally solve your problem.

Sex is supposed to be an intimate act that’s enjoyable for both people, but what are you supposed to do if you’re someone with issues with sexual performance anxiety? Not only can it be embarrassing to address, but it can also be challenging to deal with.

You’ve clicked on the right article because we are going to give you all of the information you need to understand sexual performance anxiety and how to fix it. Understand that you’re not only, and any form of anxiety can affect anyone at any given time.

Continue reading to find out the things that you need to know about anxiety and sex now.

What Causes It?

Some people think that the only thing involved in having sex is your body, and that’s not true at all. Whether you realize it or not, your emotions and mentality play a crucial part in sexual intimacy with another person. Depending on where you are mentally, you can either make for a great time or send your intimate moment quickly in the other direction.

With that being said, many causes can keep you from being ready to perform when it’s time.


If you’re busy worrying about the meeting you’ve yet to prepare for or thinking about a test that you’ve got to take the next day, you won’t be focusing on having sex. And if you’re not focusing on having sex, your body will follow suit and not be ready to perform when the time comes.

When you’re becoming intimate with someone, give them all of your attention. No one likes to feel that their partner’s mind is in another place, it can cause issues in the relationship that you don’t want to deal with.

Being Self-Conscious

If you’ve got body image issues, becoming intimate with another person can be challenging. How can one person be comfortable being with someone else when they can’t be comfortable enough to be alone with themselves.

Before crossing that bridge with someone else, work on creating a positive body image for yourself. And it also helps to be honest with your partner and let them know that you’ve been struggling with your own self-image.

Your Having Relationship Issues

If you and your partner have been arguing lately and not seeing eye to eye, the last thing you’re going to want to do is to be intimate with them. And your body can feel the tension you’re feeling and not react during intimate moments in the way you’d like it.

Before becoming intimate with your partner again, it may be beneficial for your relationship to sort out the current relationship issues that you may be having. The last thing that you want to do becomes intimate, and then the next day, return to the same argument that was left unresolved the night before.

For some people being intimate when you’re angry with each other sounds incredible; however, once the moment is over, the problem remains. It will create a cycle of not resolving issues that become more significant problems.

Taking Too Long To Climax

You may have noticed how your partner becomes frustrated when you’re taking longer than expected to climax, and they want it all to be over. This can lead to you becoming withdrawn and anxious about your sexual performance.

On the other hand, not lasting long enough can also cause you to experience performance anxiety because, in this case, you’ll begin to worry that your partner’s needs aren’t being met. And if your partner’s needs aren’t being met, your mind may wander to various avenues about how they’ll choose to meet these needs.

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Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

Many ways can be taken to help you overcome your nervousness about sex. We recommend picking the one that will make you feel the most comfortable and help you to resolve your issues. Remember, you’re not the only person that has problems when it comes to sexual anxiety.

Talk to Your Doctor

Your doctor is someone that you can trust and typically talk to them about anything, including performance anxiety. They may be able to give you suggestions about ways to treat it and the benefits of using male enhancement supplements during intimacy.

Be Open With Your Partner

Being open and honest with your partner about the things that are making you nervous can be what you need to help remove the mental block that you’re having. You’ll find that you and your partner will be able to work through your anxiety and find a solution.

You all may even be able to discuss a different way to be intimate until you’re ready to resolve your performance anxiety.

Speak With a Therapist

If your partner isn’t someone that you can discuss the challenges that you’re having without feeling judged, the next best person to speak to would be a therapist. The therapist will be there too listen to you and help you get to the bottom of what’s causing you to experience this sexual nervousness.

After you’ve found the route cause of your nervousness in a few sessions, your therapist can then begin working with you to solve the problem. They may then continue seeing you help you with other issues that you may be having that contributed to your sexual performance anxiety in the first place.

Sexual Performance Anxiety Resolved

When it comes to sexual performance anxiety, many things can cause it, but there are various ways to help treat it. Once you understand the route cause of your anxiety, you can then work towards removing that cause that’s keeping you from getting the job done.

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