Now might not be the best time to travel, but what we can do is dream, plan and save money for a holiday in the future, when things are more amenable for us to travel.

There are so many wonderful places to see and travel to in Spain, like Madrid, Seville, Granada or the many different Coastlines in Almeria and on the Costa del Sol.  But if you fancy a bit of adventure then maybe Countries like India, Africa or Thailand might do it for you.

Let’s consider Thailand as it is a different sort of adventure.

It’s great not to base yourself in one place but maybe travel around to 4 or 5 different areas as it is the best way to see this diverse, cultural and beautiful Country.   A lot of people think that this sort of adventure is for younger people – but is isn’t, as a lot of older people find the Transportation system in Thailand very easy to use and inexpensive.  The key is to plan and research the places you want to go.  The Internet, YouTube and Travel Books are ideal for this.

Bangkok is the Capital with a stunning Palace and many awesome Temples that the local’s call Wats.  The ideal way to see some of these is by River Boat as some are very close to pier Stops – and it is a great experience to travel down the river while sightseeing.  Also a trip down the river at night is a lovely way to end the day, as the lighting of the Palace and Temples is spectacular.

The architecture of the Grand Palace and the Wats is truly remarkable and so beautiful.  Remember that when you visit these places you have to be moderately dressed, especially the women who must cover their knees and shoulders.  If you are not dressed appropriately you will have to purchase suitable clothing on site. Shoes that are easy to put on and off are a must as you have to take them off when going inside any Wat.

If you enjoy visiting Temples you can organise yourself with a trip to Ayutthaya, which is an ancient Temple site in the old Capital, about 85k north outside Bangkok.  On the same trip there are several sites of such Temples to be visited that are ancient ruins, and it is inspiring to see how they were made many years ago without the modern construction tools of today.

Bangkok is not just about Temples as there are plenty of Shopping Centres for those who like to “shop until they drop”.  These are modern Shopping Malls that sell everything from Designer Labels and down, to Shopping Malls such as MKB that specialise in “copy” products.

Bangkok roads are among the busiest in the world with thousands of scooters, cars and not forgetting the constant streams of Tuc Tuc’s, an experience not to be missed.  Try and take a video of your companion getting out of one, as getting out can be hilarious.

So after a few nights in this busy, exciting, and awesome city, where next?

One of the Islands, or the Kwai Bridge in land, or a visit to the jungle.

Maybe an Island to relax for a week before you undertake your next adventure.

Koh Samui is South of Bangkok and can be reached by plane to the Island, or you can fly to Surat Thani and catch the ferry across to Samui. The cheapest way is to go on the sleeper train to Surat Thani and get the ferry across. First class around 50 euros.

Kok Samui is the second largest Island, palm fringed white beaches and dense mountainous rainforest. Located on a tiny Island connected by a causeway is Wat Pra Yai Temple, where there is a 12m tall golden Big Buddha. Fisherman’s night Market and the enchanted Garden are but a few places to visit or just soak up the sun on the beaches.

Everywhere you go there are cooking classes. Thai food is so tasty it’s great to learn how to cook it so that you are able to carry on having these wonderful, tongue tantalizing tasty meals when you get back home.

The Island boasts many beautiful beaches with turquoise, clear waters. Luxury Hotels are a plenty down to budget hotels and hostels. Mega nightlife if you want it or quiet secluded places if you want peace and quiet, it has it all.

Thailand has a rainy season; this differs to where you go so be sure to check it out.

4 to 7 days here and you can be off again. Where to next?


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