There are fundamental rules to every form of betting. Whether it’s any sort of racing, well-thought-out strategy and proper planning take the front seat.

Even though the popular belief will have to trust the superstition, but betting is far away from that. Its whole process depends on the execution of strategies and tactics that you employ.

However, there are some basic steps that one needs to take to ensure the stand in the game. Before you go in and try out the water, you will need more work to do lest you might do it the wrong way.


There are two main categories of wagers, that you get to choose from when you are betting on the horses. The minimum bet can differ from the track to track, and in some cases, it can be just $2. The two types are – Straight Wager and Exotic wager. Most of the beginners start with the straight wager until they get the hold of the whole game.

Straight wager:

If you are starting as a beginner, you will need to know everything about the straight wager before you head out. In straight wager, you bet on one horse.


This is the simplest form of bet where you place a bet that the horse will come first. If it comes true, you get to collect.


This can be considered the most played one. Here the bet is that the horse will either be in the first or the second place. You only collect if your horse gets the first or the second spot.


 The pay-out of a Show bet is lesser than the Place or Win wager, but you are doubling your chancing of winning by hedging your bets.

Across the bet:

This is a unique bet where you are placing your bet on win, place, and show. It’s also known as combo straight, and as the name itself says, the purpose is to play it across the bets. Since it’s not a single bet, but three bets, this will be more expensive. For example, a bet $2 across-the-bet will be $6 due to you making three bets.

The rules are simple. If your horse comes in first, you get the Win, Place and show money, if it comes second, you get Place and Show money and if it finishes third, you just get the show money.

Win/place and Place/show:

This type of bet is expensive, and many of the players hesitate in taking it. What happens is that you place multiple wagers in a single bet. In win/Place, you are betting on Win and Place. If your horse finishes first, you collect both Win and Place money, but if it is second, then you get the Place money also.

Likewise, if your horse comes second, you get the Place and Show money, but at third, you get only Show money. Since these are multiple bets, they are much expensive than Across-the-bet, but it also increases your chances of winning.

Exotic wagers:

Compared to Straight wagers, Exotic wagers require much skill and knowledge. They allow you to place bets on multiple horses in a single bet. Since they can get really expensive, you are to follow with much care and caution, and if you don’t understand it properly, you need to know it.


This is the most popular bet among skilled bettors where you place your bets on two horses to come in exact order. They are to come in first and second. For example, if you place your bet in Horse no 5 and 7, you can collect it when Horse 5 comes first and 7 comes second.


This is an easy one where you place your bet on any two horses to come in the top two spots. It doesn’t matter the sequence, and as long as you get the top two spots, you win.


In this type of bet, you place your bet on the three horses rank wise in exact order. If you placed $2 Trifecta bet on 1-4-6, you can collect when the Horse 1 comes first, #4 comes second, and #6 comes third. You can box your bet so that if the three-horse come in any order, you win.


Betting is a game of numbers devoid of superstition but depending on facts. However, there are certain things that you will require to understand before you go into it. The main thing is that it requires knowledge and presence of mind. Research before you wager your money.