Police warn of ‘scammers’ as bars and restaurants re-open

Scammer arrest made by National police.
Scammer arrest made by National police.

By Andrew Atkinson

The National Policia and local police have flagged up warnings of ‘scammers’ – out to steal personal items – in the wake of bars and restaurants reopening amid COVID-19 easing of restrictions.

Across Spain, from Benidorm to Benijofar, amongst Alicante Regional areas, scammers are once again approaching diners to purchase items. Arrests by the National Policia have been made.

Documentation by scammers placed onto diners’ tables – along with a stolen mobile phone.

Scammers include approaching diners, simulating they cannot speak, or hear, placing what appears to be official documentations, with the hope of receiving a donation.

It has been known, when they return to collect their items from diners’ tables, they also ‘lift’ personal belongings – including handbags and mobile phones.

Scammers have been active within Los Montesinos – where handbags were stolen from the back of a chair – Benijofar, San Miguel and throughout Torrevieja, amongst other provinces, both prior to and since the COVID-19 lockdown.

Scammers are also active along the promenade in Torrevieja.


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