2020 has not been a good year for a lot of people. At the beginning of the year, nobody knew that we would be facing a pandemic as the year progressed. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed how many people live their ordinary life. In a short period, the virus has claimed the lives of many people.

Because it is life-threatening, the government and World Health Organisation have come up with various guidelines. The rules set are to limit the further spread of the virus. Social distancing has become the norm, and this has had a great impact on many sectors.

Among the many affected sectors in the UK, the education sector has been on the receiving end. Parents have been faced with challenges since it is hard for their children to get educated. No one is willing to put their child in danger by exposing them to the coronavirus. 

The government has tried to come up with different measures to try to control the situation. Some schools have already started reopening. The question on every parent’s mind is how social distancing will work. Well, tough times call for tough measures. There are several guidelines issued to protect the kids while they get educated. Here is how the reopening of schools in the UK is going to work.

Number of Pupils Reduced Per Class

For this to work, the government has take into account that it is crucial to prevent any further spread of the virus as learning continues. Though some can go back to the classrooms, some changes have been put in place.

To limit the chances of further spread of the virus, children will be attending in small groups at a time. This will be made possible by groups of children alternating the time they go to school. Some may be required to arrive at different times or even days.

Additional Space

Social distancing has proven to be effective in controlling the pandemic. The government has tried to take some measures to ensure that social distancing will be maintained as learning continues. The seating arrangement in class will have a physical distance of about two meters. This means that additional space is necessary at the moment. Schools can do so by utilizing facilities like libraries for more space. 

Utilizing temporary structures will also be vital in providing additional space faster. Currently, many temporary building suppliers are providing much-needed space to schools and other institutions like hospitals. One good example of such a company is Smart-Space.

Smart-Space is a UK-based company that is well-known for supplying quality temporary buildings across the country. The company has a vast experience in the education sector and utilizing them will be beneficial at the moment. Here is a useful reference on why they are so vital for providing additional space for schools and how you can reach them.


The virus is most likely to be spread through surfaces. This means that the children might be at risk of being affected through various school surfaces. As a precaution, the government has directed every school to ensure that every surface is cleaned regularly. This includes desks and chairs. Both students and teachers are required to wash their hands routinely.


It is essential as a parent to talk to your children about the coronavirus. During this period, it is vital to follow government guidelines. As the situation eases, school activities may begin to normalize.


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