Not that you are a hoarder, but there are some gadgets that you know that you must have even though the probability of using them is very low. These are gadgets that are too cute to throw away and those that you keep for fun of it.

Gadgets We Never Use But Still Keep

Salt + Magic Wand Salt And Pepper Shakers

Yes, you read that right, and just in case you were wondering what it is, it is a magic wand that has been turned into a salt and pepper shaker. Magic, we know.

This is one gadget that most people keep but don’t use as they would rather prefer the old non-magical salt and pepper shakers. However, it is still too cute to throw away just like some online casino games you propably have but never played them on your game selection.

Guitar Doorbell

With the guitar door bell, you gave guitar up and above were everyone can see, or rather hear it as soon as they come in. While other people have the conventional door bell. There are those who decided to add a little strings to it and made it into a guitar. That way, you hear some soothing guiter strings every time that someone enters the room.

Dipr Ultimate Cookie Spoon

With the Dipr Ultimate Cookies Spoon, you can easily dunk your cookies without getting your hands wet. We think it comes in handy when you are playing american online casino games and still want to dunk your cookies into your milk or tea. You can do so without getting your hands wet. Although we also believe that you will forget about it within just a few days.

Notable Mentions

There are number of gadgets that have been invented but people forget about as soon as soon as they buy them like USB fuzzy heated slippers, or the boiled egg shaper that can shape your boiled into various ball shapes and even the beer googles to know which drink is yours.