By Andrew Atkinson

Harry and Olivia McMillan have been personally thanked for being ‘superstars’ by the North West Ambulance Service during the coronavirus outbreak, with a letter in helping mum Sarah, who works with the NW Ambulance service.

Letters from Daren Mochrie, chief executive North West ambulance service to Harry, 9, and Olivia, 6, read:

I wanted to say a big thank you for helping your mummy do her job. She is a very important part of the team at North west ambulance service and we couldn’t do our job without them.

Your mummy works for an organisation that looks after poorly people and at the moment there are lots more poorly people than usual.

They are working even harder than they usually do and they are being very brave, strong and kind. I think that she is brilliant.

Although you don’t come to work with us every day you are also part of the North West ambulance team.

You are doing a great job giving mummy lots of hugs and smiles and this will help her do her job even better.

As you are still going to school we want to send you an extra big thank you.

We will be very busy in the weeks ahead, but we want you to know that we will get through this together.

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