Searching for an Unsung Superwoman Teacher

Searching for an Unsung Superwoman Teacher

Lockdown has been particularly difficult for children who needed to quickly adapt to home schooling and being isolated from their friends. Teachers have had to make speedy changes too as they learn to control a ‘virtual classroom’ and teach online.

That is why the European Union of Women Marina Alta has launched a competition to find an ‘Unsung Superwoman Teacher’ who has gone that extra mile and truly inspired their children.

  • Has she made her lessons ‘sing’ with enthusiasm, stories and wacky ideas?
  • Has your child been inspired by something she suggested?
  • Has your child a new curiosity, a new passion for learning?
  • Has your child become more enthusiastic about learning because of something the teacher suggested or did?
  • Is the teacher like a candle lighting the way?

Can your child tell you what makes one of their teachers special during these past two months?

Let the EUW Marina Alta know. Send your nominations by personal message on our Facebook group European Union of Women Marina Alta or email The competition closes at the end of June.

The European Union of Women is a non-governmental organisation of women with a special purpose, bringing together the people of Europe in peace and prosperity through co-operation and friendship. EUW Marina Alta is the newest branch of Mujeres en Igualdad, which is the Spanish section of EUW, the European Union of Women.

Searching for an Unsung Superwoman Teacher


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