Landmark salary caps in COVID-19 football crisis?

Landmark salary caps in COVID-19 football crisis?
Landmark salary caps in COVID-19 football crisis?

By Andrew Atkinson

The English Football League (EFL) are to make major changes to voting regulations in its annual general meeting on June 15.

Changes made could lead to a landmark on salary caps being introduced in the Championship and League One and Two clubs.

The move comes in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions that lead to lockdown in the Premier League – where a £1billion revenue fall in the 2019-20 season is expected.

At present it takes 75% of the clubs to vote through changes, but the EFL is reportedly looking to reduce this to two-thirds.

The vote is seen as a precursor to a vote on salary caps, said to be backed by clubs in Leagues One and Two. The Championship are to decide their position.

Changes mooted include a maximum of 20 players in squads, with Under-21s exempt from the budget cap, encouraging clubs to give Academy players a bigger opportunity.

Rick Parry the EFL chairman has said Football League clubs could go under, due to the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak. A report from Deloitte showed how vulnerable teams in the Championship were.


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