One person who has done more than most to ensure that the many deficiencies of the Orihuela Costa remain constantly in public view is a 25 year old Welshman, Liam Kiley, a resident of Las Filipinas.

Elected last year to the Orihuela District Board X, representing the Orihuela Costa, fluent Spanish speaker Liam works as a local activist and a political gadfly, as he continues to be a constant thorn in the side of Orihuela’s political elite.

In recent months he has been increasingly praised for making his civic views well-known to those politicians and groups representing all sides.

Liam quite clearly identifies with the many problems that residents suffer from on the coast, and often speaks out about the poor level of services that they receive from the Orihuela City Council.

He feels that as a resident of the Orihuela Costa he has an obligation to do whatever he can to improve the situation, to keep the politicians ‘on their toes’ and he does this by working hard every day, to identify the many deficiencies, to report them to the municipal council and to regularly remind them of their obligation to the residents that they were elected to serve.

AP7 Demonstration Liam Kiley 2018

He is a major contributor to the Facebook page ‘AVCRL Asociación de vecinos Cabo Roig y Lomas’ and during the current pandemic Liam has spent many long hours translating government text into English for the benefit of the expatriate community. Many of his posts have subsequently been posted on local WhatsApp groups across the area, so, without knowing, you will most certainly have benefitted from the information that he has shared.

Liam is a real find for the people of the local area, and he is already better known than most elected officials. He is a young man who intends to make a difference and as he continues to work hard behind the scenes on your behalf, he deserves the support of us all, as he strives to achieve a level of quality in the provision of services and infrastructure appropriate to our needs. Speaking to the Leader he talks only of his one ambition, that of “making the Orihuela Costa a better place for us all, in which to live.”


Image: Liam marching in the 2018 demonstration supporting the footpath over the AP7 bridge in La Regia