Quote: ‘I deeply regret my actions and will accept the consequences’

By Andrew Atkinson

Prince Joaquin of the Belgium Royal family has been fined over €10,000 after breaking the 14 days isolation protocol in Spain  – when partying in May.

“I deeply regret my actions and will accept the consequences,” said the Prince.

Prince Joaquin, 28, was aware that the COVID-19 legislation for people who are allowed to enter the country before July 1 must go into isolation for 14 days.

After going to a party in Cordoba, the Prince has been fined €10,400. He was tested and returned positive for coronavirus.

The Prince, who arrived in Spain for an internship on May 24, attended a gathering in Cordoba on May 26.

Prince Joaquin has 15 days to pay the €10,400 fine, of which will be reduced by fifty per cent in payment is made in the timescale.

Spain imposed a mandatory two-week quarantine for all international arrivals on May 15.

Prince Joachim, a nephew of Belgium’s King Philippe and 10th in line to the throne, was amongst 27 people reported to be at the party.

Spanish police launched an investigation into the party.

Everyone who attended the party was placed in quarantine. Prince Joachim, the youngest son of Princess Astrid, was reported as having mild COVID-19 symptoms.

“I apologise for not respecting all quarantine measures during my trip. In these difficult times I did not want to offend anyone,” said the Prince.


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