• AVAT (Asociación de Voluntarios de Animales de Torrevieja) Animal Charity

A massive thank you to everyone that supported the Mohican cut charity day on Saturday 7th June at the Mi-Sol Bar with Lisa and Lesley.

What a fabulous day it was. Over 2000 euros was raised with more still coming in. AVAT is committed to helping both the Albergue animal shelter in Torrevieja and any other animal that is in need within the area. During lockdown the Albergue obviously didn’t receive any donations which meant the pot was getting empty.

Some people think that because it is a council run shelter that the council provides everything.  Wrong… The council provide basic vet treatments, but some of the more complicated and advanced treatments have to be met by ourselves.  Also any expensive medicines we have to buy ourselves. They provide only dry food, no wet food at all, so we have to buy that, including wet kitten food, formula milk, feeding bottles.

We also have to supply litter trays, dishes, beds and the same with the dogs…any improvements are paid for by ourselves.

Thanks need to go, in particular, to the Scandinavian and British communities for their very generous donations.

An even bigger thank you to Vivienne Woolfitt who had a grade 1 haircut and sprayed pink, she raised 155 euros.

And of course, the girls from Charlie´s Salon, La Siesta. For further information – alberguecats@gmail.com


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