Although veganism has been around since the 1940s, it wasn’t until recent years that it has grown from a misunderstood hipster ideology to a full-blown health trend. More people are embracing this plant-based lifestyle nowadays, including an increasing number of celebrities. 

Some people go vegan for health concerns, while others do it as a tribute to animal rights or out of compassion for all living beings. However, going vegan is not an easy process, and staying vegan is an even harder commitment. 

Read on for tips that will help you commit to veganism. 

Stay Motivated

At the beginning of the transition, your will is at its strongest, but as time goes by, you will start to lose sight of why you adopted veganism. That is why you need to constantly remind yourself of why you made this decision, and be conscious of what you saved by adopting this lifestyle in order to stay on course. 

Find New Vegan Recipes and Products 

A big aid in committing to veganism is preparing your own food; whether it is home meals or snacks and packed lunches. It is easy to get bored with the limited number of vegan meals you know how to make or get frustrated with the amount of energy you put into grocery shopping.

But finding that excellent vegan heavy cream substitute along with the right ingredients can make staying vegan a lot easier. Trying new recipes, cooking creative meals, and discovering more vegan products will go a long way in supporting your commitment to veganism.

Learn More About Veganism 

We have all heard the “they eat salad for every meal” nonsense more times than we can count, and this is a huge burden for new vegans. Starving yourself or letting go of the joy of eating delicious food is not the point of veganism; it should not be viewed as a form of self-torture.

Deprivation is one of the top reasons why people quit veganism. Learning more about what you can and cannot eat on a plant-based diet would show you just how much variety you actually have. It is always a happy surprise when you are introduced to delicious vegan meals.  

Where to Eat 

We are luckier than past generations who struggled to find a decent vegan option on the menu. We now have entire restaurants that serve vegan meals, but it is still far from easy to find a place to eat, especially when you are traveling or out with non-vegan friends. Searching ahead of time is key, so make looking for vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants a part of your planning process and have a number of options ready.  

Expand Your Vegan Circle 

When taking on any challenge, especially a long term one, having a support system is of the essence. Being around like-minded people who share your beliefs and embrace the same values is a huge help.

Committing to veganism is hard when your friends only ever want to eat at sushi restaurants and burger joints. Or, when your eating habits are the punch line of every joke. Having vegan friends helps keep you committed; you can explore restaurants, recommend products, share recipes, and give each other the support you need.

Going vegan is more than a habit, it’s a lifestyle. It takes time, effort, and enormous determination to maintain. So, don’t get overwhelmed. Keeping a positive attitude and taking slow but steady steps will help make veganism a part of your subconscious.


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