The formal re-inauguration of the Flora Micro-reserve located below the Aguamarina promenade took place on Friday morning.

Accompanying the mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, were the councillors for the Environment, Dámaso Aparicio, Beaches, Ramón López Cabrera, and Health, José Galiano.

The mayor said how delighted he was to be able to demonstrate Orihuela’s commitment to the sustainability of the environment and to preserving the region’s biodiversity with the renewal of this important micro-reserve.

He explained how, in recent weeks, the Department of the Environment has carried a project reconditioning the pedestrian path in the reserve at a cost of 32,733.

But the money had also allowed the publication of a new field guide on the flora of Cala de la Glea

This informative guide, published to celebrate World Environment Day, includes photos and information about the 56 representative species found along the route of the cove, either side of the pedestrian path.

The guide illustrates the plant richness of this natural itinerary, focusing on the Flora Micro-reserve, which is home to a significant population of a protected species, declared as vulnerable, such as the jara cabeza de gato, “Helianthemum Caput-felis”. “It is a small woody bush up to 30 cm high with a bloom that is reminiscent of a cat’s head,” said Councillor Dámaso Aparicio.

Aparicio also explained that from the point of view of the protected habitats “it is a very diverse reserve since we find many different plants at different stages, and being on the sea front, on a stretch of rocky coast, plant formations associated with marine draughts can establish themselves, which increases the diversity and richness of the area.

Councillor for the Environment, Dámaso Aparicio
Councillor for the Environment, Dámaso Aparicio

In the undergrowth, in addition to the cat’s head, de jara de cabeza de gato, we can find many other species among which we can highlight la albaida, la esparraguera, el tuero, la viborera, las jaras tomillo, la corona de fraile, different species of jarillas, the immortal rosemary, cattail, el poleo macho and even thyme. Many of these are aromatic and are used in traditional medicine or simply as a digestive potion.

In many other areas, where the sand disintegrates from the rocks, many other protected species can be found, such as the milkweed, along with la rubia espigada marina, and in more rocky areas, the violet is incorporated into the thickets.

The councillor said that all of the information contained in the field guide can be found on the council website where you can download the publication that provides a multitude of information on the different species of flora that make up this natural area characteristic of the Oriolan coast, however, at the time of writing, although I picked up a copy of this very useful booklet at the inauguration, I am unable to find the website link.

This project to repair the public footpath has consisted of replacing the steps that have become detached from the path, replacement of the wooden posts detached from the fence, total replacement of the existing nylon rope in the fence, removal and cutting of branches that invade and hinder those walking along the path and the elimination of wasps. There are also a number of new information signs and the inclusion of a QR code to download the Field Guide.

Aparicio said that it was important to repair this pedestrian path, after the serious damage suffered by DANA last September, so that now our residents, tourists and visitors can enjoy this natural environment all year round.”


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