Well here we are on the last take and we will start on “touchers”. A toucher is a bowl that makes contact with the jack whether on delivery or by displacement due to another bowl making contact and moving it onto the jack.

Rule 14.1: A bowl in its original course which touches the jack, even though it comes to rest in the ditch within the boundaries of the rink of play, is a live bowl and is called a toucher. If a bowl in its original course does not touch the jack it is called a non-toucher. Rule 14.2

A bowl is also a toucher if after coming to rest:  14.2.1if it falls and comes to rest in the ditch before the next bowl is delivered or 14.2.2 in the case of the last bowl of an end, it falls and touches the jack within the period  of 30 seconds that applies under rule 23.1. Rule 14.3 no bowl will become a toucher if it plays onto, or comes into contact with, the jack when the jack is in the ditch.

The rules carry on in detail but basically it means if the jack is moved into the ditch within the bounds of the rink it is still live and any toucher landing up in the ditch is also in play. The toucher is marked with a chalk or spray by a member of the team that delivered the bowl as soon as it comes to rest.

In the case of the jack or toucher that goes into the ditch these are marked in line usually with a brightly coloured indicator, usually discs, on the lip on the end edge facing into the rink so they can be sighted clearly. If the bowl is not marked within 30 seconds after it comes to rest then it is declared a non-toucher. So guys don’t forget to mark the bowl !

There are many more rules 60 pages of them! And it’s a good idea to get hold of a rule book, they are only about 3 euros and can be easily obtained by your club secretary from the federation. As you progress it is always an advantage to be aware of the basic ones, which I hope, I have covered and have the book in your bag for quick reference.

For those people who have read my takes and are thinking of getting into this wonderful sport and are dithering because.

  1. They think they are too old.
  2. Not fit enough.
  3. Have a stiff back or the odd joint.
  4. I am 83 and still going strong.
  5. A few exercises and mild stretches is all that is needed.
  6. There is a gadget for lifting the bowl a “lifter” so you do not have to bend down and your stance can be adjusted to help you deliver the bowl so come on and have a go.
There is a gadget for lifting the bowl a “lifter” so you do not have to bend down
There is a gadget for lifting the bowl a “lifter” so you do not have to bend down

Well there you are I hope my takes have been of interest. I wish all bowlers well and my best wishes to new hopefuls. Enjoy the lovely game!

Vistabella Bowls Club is sponsored by: Venture Fleet Services, TV Choice, Oneway Services, Serenity Insurance, Carpet Heaven.  The Winter league is sponsored by Laguna Tavern Entre Naranjos

How about coming and have a go at bowling we would be pleased to see you. We can arrange a free session and lesson . You could get hooked it’s a fabulous game and a very sociable one you’ll meet lots of new friends.

Also bowlers are most welcome, we have a brand new green and are looking for new members. Please contact:  Club Captain – David Jenkins  pacadasu@yahoo.com or Charlie Watkins charlieatpathways@yahoo.co.uk.  Reported by : Montestan


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