The Councillor for Sports, Víctor Bernabéu, said on Tuesday that in recent weeks the Council has been “carrying out important maintenance tasks in municipal sports facilities.”

Specifically, the facilities of the Palacio del Agua are undergoing improvement and maintenance, in addition to their preparation for the safe reopening of the sports centre.

One of the most relevant procedures that will be carried out in the coming weeks will be “the repair and restoration work on the beams and trusses of the structure of the heated swimming pool cover, which has been subjected to intense use since its opening,” said Bernabéu.

Work has also been carried out in municipal sports areas at La Matanza, La Murada, Barrio San Pedro, El Palmeral Sports Centre and Orihuela Costa although the councillor didn’t provide any details.

He did say, however that  5 recreational pools in the municipality, Palacio del Agua in Orihuela, San Bartolomé, La Murada, La Aparecida and Torremendo will all be opened by 27 June.

Residents of the Orihuela Costa will note that the one facility missing from the list is the pool at Playa Flamenca which, having been closed for over a year because of management problems, is unlikely to open anytime soon