Valencia’s beaches will not have a system to control capacity on the sand or in the water. This was confirmed yesterday by the Councillor for Beaches, Giuseppe Grezzi, who said that “it will not be necessary because in Valencia we have huge, very long beaches and we do not think they will be anywhere near full up.”

But he added that in case of it being necessary “it is the Local Police that will monitor them”, since they also monitor the beaches with drones. He said that every summer there is a large deployment of police patrols to the beaches.

On the first day of phase two, users of Valencia’s beaches were able to go into the sea. Of course, as it was a business day and there was also a cloudy sky, the attendance was not massive. At the entrance and exit accesses to the beach, there were posters, however, indicating the rules to be followed.

The requirements that bathers are expected to strictly meet are the distance of two metres in the sand and six metres between umbrellas, as well as six meters from the shoreline, to guarantee that people could move around freely.

The use of children’s toys is also prohibited. The notices clarify that “playing with shovels, bats, balls, buckets in the sand and in the sea is prohibited “.

As Grezzi argued, the use of rakes, buckets or balls in or out of the water is not allowed because it is material that can go from hand to hand and these objects cannot be shared on the beach because they could be a source of the coronavirus. ”

The use of flip flops or footwear is also mandatory while walking on the pathways towards the sand. These were some of the indications given by the 25 Red Cross staff located on the northern beaches and the 15 located on the southern beaches to remind users of the rules.

These rules will be applied during the month of June and will be extended it if necessary.

Monday was the first day that the green flag was flown and there were 80 surveillance and first-aid personnel employed to guarantee security. The lifeguard hours are from 10 am to 9 pm on the northern beaches and from 11 am to 7 pm on the southern ones.

This week the assembly of the beach kiosks will also begin.


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