Torrevieja was one of the few large municipalities in the country that did not have electronic administration but following the launch of the new system by the town hall on Monday there will now no longer be the need to travel into the town and join those large queues to carry out a multitude of procedures, indeed 180 in all.

The city has finally entered the 21st century.

Access to the new system is via the municipal website, on which, prior to use, there are a number of tutorials explain how registration and subsequent procedures are to be followed.

Residents can carry out any procedure from the electronic office, which can be accessed through a digital certificate, the KEY certificate, DNI (with the ISESP number), NIE (with the IXESP number) or the Registration Certificate of European Citizenship, combining the NIE number preceded by the letter C.

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón , said that “in this exceptional situation, one of the priority objectives of his mandate has been achieved in record time, thanks to the great work carried out by the Department of Innovation and Modernisation led by Ricardo Recuero.”

Dolón has recommended that members of the public, companies, associations, and other groups now start to use the electronic office to speed up and streamline any procedure they need from the Torrevieja City Council.

The long-awaited arrival of the system represents a qualitative leap in service to the public and in the internal management of the Torrevieja council, since it will present and enormous shift in the way of working and managing all the bureaucratic and administrative processes of the City Council.

Through the electronic office, more than 180 procedures may now be carried out with the Council.

Officials and council staff have been training for about a month to learn the new processes and procedures to be carried out with the new system as the implementation takes place progressively in all the departments and areas of the consistory.

The City Council has provided tutorial videos on how to carry out any procedure through the electronic office, which can be viewed at the link below:



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