Costa Blanca’s biggest radio presenter Lee Howard BigFM shock exit

Lee Howard: BigFM exit.
Lee Howard: BigFM exit.

By Andrew Atkinson EXCLUSIVE

ONE of the Costa Blanca’s biggest radio presenters Lee Howard – a former Decca and Chrysalis executive – has left Quesada based radio station BigFM in a shock exit.

“It is with regret that I have left BigFM,” Lee, who lives near Torrevieja, who left the station on May 30, told me.

Lee, friends with many top artistes, including Leo Sayer and Paul Young, said: “Other stations have wanted me on board for years – but I was always loyal to BigFM.”

Lee, whose daughter is a nurse with the NHS, whom he mentioned to listeners, is particularly upset with BigFM management, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I have asked my great pals Suzi Quatro, Bobby Ball, from Cannon & Ball and the fab Toyah, if they would do a dedication to all the NHS staff and all medics worldwide, which they duly obliged.

“It was out of the goodness of their hearts to play for the listeners to hear what they had to say during COVID-19,” said Lee.

Lee’s ‘Howard’s Way’ show and No.1 70s show, popular with BigFM listeners, says he was called into the office of BigFM manager Richie Sparks.

“I was slated by the management – for mentioning the NHS. Told that Suzi Quatro, Bobby Ball and Toyah are all rubbish,” alleged Lee.

“I was told not to mention them again on my shows. The most upsetting thing is my daughter Emma is a frontline nurse in the NHS.

“What an amazing job all the nurses and medics are doing at this time.

“But I was told not to mention them again. Not to mention my daughter – who saves lives – along with the other nurses and medics colleagues.

“My daughter is my life, having lost my son two years ago. How disgusting to say that, after what has been going on in the world with the coronavirus pandemic.

“You would have thought having brought big famous names to my shows it would be a boost for BigFM.”

Lee, said: “My shows are staying in exactly the same successful format on the MOREFM network.

“I wish all my listeners well and thank them. I have received many messages of support.”

BigFM station manager Richie Sparks told me: “He jumped – before he was pushed.”


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