Asociación de vecinos de Cabo Roig y Lomas
Asociación de vecinos de Cabo Roig y Lomas

The Neighbourhood Association of Cabo Roig y Lomas was established a little over two years ago, to help to improve the conservation and maintenance of the streets, green areas, infrastructures and other services provided by the Orihuela Town Hall in Orihuela Costa.

A good number of residents, from the urbanisations of Aguamarina, Cabo Roig and Lomas de Cabo Roig, are represented in the association, to which they transmit their complaints and suggestions relating to refuse collection, street cleaning, maintenance of roads, parks and gardens and other deficiencies within their area which we transfer to the council of Orihuela. At you can download a video, highlighting the many problems Orihuela Costa suffers today.

One of the most important achievements of the association was the organisation of a protest in March 2018, one of the biggest protests ever to be held in Orihuela Costa, to demand the construction of pedestrian sidewalks over the AP7 bridge in Lomas de Cabo Roig, a project that to date, unfortunately has not been carried out by the Town Hall.

During the state of alarm of COVID-19, the association is making an effort to inform its neighbours and followers, through social networks, informing them about the published regulations relating to the State of Alarm and their practical application to residents of Orihuela. Our latest work, the PRACTICAL APPLICATION GUIDE (PHASE 1, 2, 3 ..), can be viewed and downloaded at

The association wants to make the campaign we are doing public, in order to attract new members, both foreign and Spanish, by signing a form, in order to achieve a greater effectiveness and strength in the demands we make to the council to solve the serious problems that we suffer in Orihuela Costa.

This form can be downloaded at the following link or requested from the email of the association:

Orihuela Costa, 28 of May 2020.


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