Food Bank to open on Orihuela Costa on 1 June


  • Voluntarios Orihuela Costa / VIP Services – Viajes Playa Flamenca & Community Care Association serving the Community during & after Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. 

As from 1st June a food collection & distribution point will be operating at VIP Services – Viajes Playa Flamenca, Calle Pablo Picasso, Playa Flamenca, by the Town Hall Orihuela Costa.

Anyone wishing to donate or get involved, please contact  647 840 055. (WhatsApp)  Our office is open 9-4 Monday to Friday to come for help or deliver food etc.

Sofia Alvarez and her team of fantastic volunteers, Local Taxi’s, Local Police and Guardia Civil Officers developed Voluntarios Orihuela Costa together with Community Care Association are co-ordinating projects to support the vulnerable and those in need of a little help living in Orihuela Costa during and after the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Remember, everyone can help by donating food and essential items at shops and supermarkets throughout Orihuela Costa.

ALL Supermarkets and local shops please help by providing collection shopping trolleys /
baskets for donations of food and essential supplies from their customers & their own shop/store.

Volunteers are needed to sort the donated food at the main food distribution point.  Drivers will be needed to collect food and essential supplies from all supermarkets and shops to the
main distribution point to be distributed to the 8 Food Bank outlets.

Supporting the project to date are Ray Kearney President of the Irish Community Orihuela Costa, David Young President of Reach Out and Maryanne Groningen President of the Ladies Inner Wheel Club Campoamor.  We hope to work closely with all Associations and Charities helping those in need.

Fund Raising.  Paul Moran of The Emerald Isle La Florida offered to support these projects, but we still need Fund Raiser volunteers to help promote and raise funds for the Food Bank Project, if you would like to get involved, please contact 647 840 055.

Now that restrictions are being lifted in phases, we are beginning to have more freedom of movement.  This is fantastic, but we need to remind ourselves that we must all still be cautious about what we do, where we go, who we mix with in order to protect ourselves and the Spanish Healthcare system, to have some normality, this is why it is important that we understand that we can together help support each other, get a life and our freedom back.

Sponsored fun events can be organised including sports activities involving all age groups, whatever you decide to do to help raise funds will be very much appreciated.

Our inspiration,  Sir Colonel Tom Moore, who walked 100 laps around his garden to celebrate his 100th birthday, he raised more than 32 million pounds in only one month to help the NHS, let us see what we can achieve, together, to help those in need in our community!


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