The best 5 Board Games To Play – You’ve Never Heard of!



  1. Exploding Kittens!

Starting off strong, and albeit weird is exploding kittens. Truly a 21st-century masterpiece and one to be sure to get the whole family laughing, except the cat!

Both wacky and fun this game has it all. Simply put (or not) it is a hybrid take on a highly strategic kitty powered variant of Russian Roulette. Starting to wonder why this is a kids game? Don’t worry so were we, so we did the research! With some quite impressive stats to boot this game was the most-funded game in the history of Kickstarter ( a crowdfunding platform) and has cards featuring illustrations from Oatmeal (a webcomic and humour website made by cartoonist Matthew Boyd Inman).

The game goes a little like this, you keep drawing cards until someone figuratively explodes, this happens by drawing the dreaded exploding kitten card, thus you are forced out of the game. However, if you are a clever kitten bomb-defusing expert, you can lay the aptly named Defusing Card, thereby snuffing out the feline death bringer. But this is where the game gets interesting. The defusing cards are not boring men in hazmat suites braving their lives to put a stop to explosions, they are things more suited to a purring puds brain, like a laser pointer, a piece of chicken or a mouse. Never again shall you struggle with drama! Or if you feel obliged to live the easy, peaceful life you can play a skip a turn card, if you want to feel like a peaky furry blinder you can attack another player, or even secretly relocate your Exploding Kitten!

So what are you waiting for! Grab the game HERE! (

2. Exit – The Game Deadman on the Orient Express


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