Alliums, beautiful long lasting flowers – loved by bees and butterflies

Allium - Latin for garlic - are also known as the flowering onion

Allium – Latin for garlic – are also known as the flowering onion, as they have the characteristic onion or garlic odour and taste, and in most cases both the bulb and leaves are edible.

The beautiful flower heads of the Allium can flower from May through to August, followed by an attractive set of seed heads, thus making them a very architectural flower in your garden, throughout the year.

There are over 700 different types of Alliums, with colours ranging from blue, purple, mauve, pink, yellow and white.

The range of flower head sizes vary, from a few centimetres to 20cm, of different heights and flowering times.

Alliums beautiful, long-lasting flowers make an excellent cut flower, for both fresh and dried bouquets.  Loved by bees, butterflies and other pollinators visiting the garden.

Easy to grow, Alliums will grow in most soils, providing that it is well-drained, adoring sunlight throughout the day.

Most Allium species produce new offset or young plants. Once flowering is over and leaves have died down, in mid to late autumn, lift the bulbs and detach the new young plants.

Either plant directly into their final positions, or grown-on outside, in pots of gritty compost.

Drought tolerant, they prefer to be grown on the dry side and plants grown in the ground don’t usually require any watering.

Alliums grown in containers will require regular watering, ensuring compost does not become waterlogged, otherwise the bulb will rot.


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