In response to a letter sent last April to the Planning Department of the Orihuela Town Hall, by the Asociación de vecinos Cabo Roig y Lomas, the Department of Transparency has provided access to the file on the situation regarding the CV-941 Bridge over the AP7 motorway at the back of La Regia.

The Orihuela Town Hall last requested the urbanisation developer URBANA SAN MIGUEL, S.A. to present a schedule of deadlines for undertaking the project on 26th of March 2019. The builder acknowledged receipt of the letter a week later.

The council said at the time that having far exceeded the time limit to complete the project they would be initiating the procedures to cancel the agreement made with the developer.

Having taken advice from a specialist the council said that it intended to cancel the conditions of the contract with the developer, probably through an agreement in the Municipal Plenary, and that the Town Hall would then carry out the works, with its own financing, which would also be complemented with the funds from the bank guarantee held on behalf of the developer. (1,200,000 euros).

There would then be a need to re design and redact the project and send it to the Ministry of Public Works, for their approval.

Once the corresponding budget is assigned, the contract will be put out to tender and awarded to the contract to the winning bidder.

The building works would then be carried out.

Some of these processes can be carried out simultaneously, so the time frame should not be excessively long.

However, at this stage, we are unable to confirm just how far into the project the council are.

The association confirmed that it is a project of great need, due to the serious risks to the health of pedestrians and motorists.

They say that they believe that it is now only a matter of political will and commitment from the Mayor toward the people of the Orihuela Costa, which he has publicly emphasised he supports on many previous occasions.