Creative use of lockdown

Maisie May Carey and brothers Jac and Conor Bentley didn’t spend Lockdown in their Bedrooms moaning, watching television and playing videogames.  Instead they used their respective talents to be creative and produce something useful that would be a timeless reminder of their time spent “off the streets”.

Maisie spent time in her Artroom (Dining Room) and produced a Costa Blanca version of the game Monopoly – complete with her own unique Instructions.  The Business’s include Stray Sod, Bushwacka, and Paddy’s Point.

Not content with the original old boot, battleship and scottie dog she added charms off a charm bracelet to her version. Also there are Chance and No Chance Cards. Train Stations are replaced with the Beaches and La Zenia Boulevard is Jail!!   Everything including the money was done by Maisie.

Maisie and Monopoly
Maisie and Monopoly

Meanwhile Musician Jac, and his Film Maker brother Conor, in their Music Studio (Bedroom) made a Music Video of the Black Eyed Peas song ‘Lets Get it Started’.  They contacted both local and international Musicians to be involved in the Project.  Each Musician sent a video clip of their part of the song and then they painfully edited it all together – also with the help of Maisie.

The song was then released on the Internet with a request for donations to be made to Cruz Roja.

Twenty Nine different Musicians were involved from Artists too numerous to mention but included Kolted, The Cages, Retrospect, Bella Luna, Josh Watts, and Nikki G.

To date it has had over 17,000 Facebook hits and around 500 euros has been donated straight into the  Cruz Roja Bank Account. Check it out on Facebook Page: