• Health says that athletes are exempt from wearing this protection: “It is incompatible”

The Government has confirmed that the wearing of face masks are compulsory from Thursday on public roads, in open spaces and in closed space with public use or that are open to the public, whilst at the same time, continuing to maintain an interpersonal safety distance of at least two metres, however, there are some exceptions.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that their use will not be compulsory for those who carry out sports activities. “The pursuit of such activities which, by their very nature, are incompatible with the use of a mask,” they point out.

That is to say, the norm, published on Wednesday in the Official State Gazette, considers that runners are exempt from wearing the mask while carrying out this activity.

Exceptions also include people who suffer from respiratory distress that may be aggravated by the use of a mask and those people for whom the requirement not to use a mask can be justified because of health, disability or behavioural reasons.

Neither will it be necessary to use a facemask if involved in activities which, due to their very nature, are incompatible, such as the consumption of food and beverages.


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