In announcing details of a new cleaning contract costing over € 532,000 the Councillor for Street Cleaning and RSU, Dámaso Aparicio, said on Thursday, “we are aware of the importance of the beaches as a tourist engine of the municipality and we are determined to increase the satisfaction of our visitors and residents” at the same time as he stated that “in attention to the situation of Covid-19 we have we have to double the cleaning work, and for this reason we have planned this new contract that guarantees the continuity and improvement of these works ”.

The contract will include beach cleaning works during holidays, including tractor work with driver included, sand screening and oxygenation in sandy areas.

It will also include the hiring of personnel necessary to clean and empty bins, clean promenades and surrounding areas, as well as manual cleaning on the beaches de la Caleta, Cala Bosque and Glea-Campoamor, a service that has been provided since Easter and will continue until October 12 with the possibility of being extended for two more years.

“Additional services will include collection, loading and transport to a treatment plant, the Posidonia Oceánica for which there is an additional amount of € 97,912.82.

The Oceanic Posidonia is an endemic species seagrass that grows in the shallow waters of the Mediterranean, and although it is commonly known as algae, it is a marine plant with flowers, fruits and seeds, so it is totally normal to find Posidonia Oceánica on the beaches, since it is part of a very important cycle that protects beaches from loss of sand and is synonymous with good water quality.

Posidonia meadows are indicators of clean, well-oxygenated and pollution-free waters. They are protected at European level by the Habitats Directive and listed as habitats of priority interest.


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