Social distancing has put plenty of sports on hold. Playing outside sports games has become a problem. Local, federal, and state governments have implemented restrictive measures in an effort to curb the pandemic. That includes limiting social gatherings, interactions, and outdoor activities.

As a result, the huge audience at organized sports events, like the Football Premier League, is now reduced to zero. Some massive game events even got canceled, leaving fans devastated.

The impact of social distancing can make for an excellent topic on an environmental sustainability essay. Since we need physical activity to keep our physical and emotional health in check, we can’t let the social restrictions hold us back.

But, we need to find a way to practice sports that involve running and stay healthy at the same time. The question is, how can you, as an athlete, cope with the situation? What sports can you do with the current restrictions? Here, we will answer all those questions for you and more.

Social Limitations Pose a Problem for Sport Fans

Despite the current restrictions, some sports fans have found creative ways to remain active. Many try to exercise at home by watching online guides; others have decided to walk outside very close to their homes. But, for those who want a more intensive exercise, simple fitness routines just don’t do the trick.

However, there is one particular problem. The CDC recommends individuals stick to fewer groups than ten people. But, they should also avoid team sports that include fewer than ten players.

The reason for that is relatively simple. Sports, like volleyball, rugby, and water polo, require the players to stay in close proximity. In other words, people get less than 6 feet in distance. This exposes the players to potential virus transmission.

If you are working on sustainability essays, this is something you can think about. You can include both the social and environmental components of the current situation when drafting up multiple college assignments. You can focus on the importance of the physical activity. Also, you can talk about how to do sports without jeopardizing anyone else in the process.

Does That Mean People Can’t Go Outside to Do Sports?

On the contrary, there are plenty of sports that involve running without getting close to other people. You just need to know what to pick. According to medical experts, it’s important to find a way to avoid putting yourself and others in danger.

How to Pick the Right Sports During Coronavirus?

Instead of focusing on competitions and group sports, it’s best to take up an exercise that doesn’t require close contact with other people. That includes sports you can play alone, or without many companions, such as:

  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Fencing
  • Golf
  • Tennis

Below, we will explain our choice of sports in detail. But, first, let’s see how other countries and their citizens are reacting to the restrictions. Some regions, like in Germany and Belgium, allow their citizens to take a physical activity that doesn’t make them venture too far from their home.

Restrictions such as these have inspired people to come up with even more creative ways to exercise outside. Some are even turning their short fitness routines into outside sports games. Based on reports, one cyclist from Belgium made an epic 200km journey without getting out of his neighborhood at all.

He used every possible lane and street in the area to cover more ground. If you are writing sustainability essays, you can use cycling as a cool topic. This sport doesn’t have any environmental impact, which can definitely come in handy when drafting up an environmental sustainability essay. You can also use cycling in your sustainability essay to promote eco-tourism. This is another fun topic to talk about.

Many regions, however, are already easing the restrictions on physical activity, stated the BBC. They too, believe that sports are a fundamental component of a healthy life.

That’s why Australia permits sports like golf and tennis, where people can practice social distancing rules and exercise at the same time. You can use these social restrictions for useful sustainability topics for essays.

According to Werner Kogler, an Australian Vice-Chancellor, individual sports should be a top priority. Even though social distancing seems fair with golf and tennis, it’s not the case for every sport. That’s where fencing can be useful.

With fencing, people keep a solid distance from their opponent. Players must use their weapons while keeping a distance to score a victory. Golf, on the other hand, is completely unique. This is by far the most ideal sport to maintain a distance and get some action.

Besides, with golf, you get to spend a lot of time outdoors, and you won’t have to worry about social distancing. Even though you may have to make a couple of adjustments if you are sharing equipment, you are less likely to expose your body to harmful pathogens.

Play With Virtual Reality

There is hardly anything that can beat the importance of outdoor sports. But, with limited outdoor activities, sometimes it could be a good idea to try virtual sports, like competitive cycling, for example. These are the kind of sports you can play alone.

Virtual reality can link racers on various platforms to compete from home. It can replicate an actual race, where users will rely on an indoor training tool, like the bike trainers to race. It is an excellent way to beat boredom and boost physical performance.

Based on reports from the National Institutes of Health, such active gaming systems can massively boost the levels of physical activity.


Despite the ongoing pandemic, you shouldn’t stop doing sports. Many virologists recommend that you avoid direct social contact, but still, keep your body physically active. In short, you can do sports at home or exercise in areas where there are few people. The sports listed above can come in handy.


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