Michael Douglas takes his Mallorca house off the market

Michael Douglas takes his Mallorca house off the market

After five years on sale, Michael Douglas has decided to take off his Mallorca mansion, s’Estaca, off the market.

Mallorca is a paradise and every summer it is full to the brim with faces, many of them familiar, who have fallen in love with its gastronomy, its landscapes and its climate.

There are many international celebrities who have a residence on the Balearic island, but one of the best known is Michael Douglas, owner of the mansion ‘s’Estaca’, located in Valldemossa, and which he still shares with his ex-wife, Diandra Lucker .

Having been put on the market back in 2014, Michael has now had a change of mind and has decided to keep it.

He is thought to have made the decision because of the global coronavirus pandemic, believing that s’Estaca is the best place in the world to quarantine without any risk of infection.

In 2014 it went on sale for 55 million euros, but a year or so later they lowered the price to 48 million. Finally, in the summer of 2018 in an attempt to make it more saleable they dropped the price again to 28.9 million, a new discount from the original price of more than 25 million euros.

However, even at the lower price Michael still had no serious offers so he has decided to buy out his former wife’s share and star to enjoy it himself.

After five years on sale, Michael Douglas has finally decided to keep his house in Mallorca, s’Estaca

With more than 77 hectares of land and a build of 1,000 metres, the Balearic house is one of the great real estate jewels owned by the actor. It has seven different buildings with five ten-room apartments that can accommodate up to 20 people, who can then enjoy a landscape without equal.

In addition, it has vineyards, its own garden, swimming pool and private road that isolates it even more. In these difficult times, he has realised that he prefers to have it at his disposal, to be able to enjoy it with his family. He is even considering it as his habitual residence “, a source close to the family has revealed.

Mallorca is a very special place for Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, because it was there that they fell in love / Gtres

And even Netflix has fallen in love with the island, where Douglas has filmed two of his movies, the comedy ‘Turn up Charlie’ and the crime drama ‘White Lines’, which was actually recorded at s’Estaca and for which the audiovisual giant paid the actor a not inconsiderable 40,000 euros a week.


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