• Quote: ‘I feel blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people and working with such magnificent horses during COVID-19’.

Spain equine performer-equestrian trick-rider extraordinaire Emma Tytherleigh, talks to Andrew Atkinson from Munich, Germany, about her horse Romero.

“Romero is in retirement with a former student and friend in Spain and I visit as often as I can,” Emma.

Unable to return to Spain in the wake of the COVID-19, Emma exclusively told The Leader.

“There are some horses who come into your life for a season – others come for a reason – and Romero was definitely for a reason,” said Emma.

“I had lost my job in 2011, soon after the passing of my father,” said Emma.

“I had no money in the bank – and owning a horse was far off my list – then Romero came along.

“Being experienced, I was offered Romero for nothing, under an agreement that I would not sell him – and against all odds, I said ‘yes’,” said Emma.

“Initially it was a nightmare, then out of the blue, we clicked. It was the start of our time together in shows in Spain,” said Emma.

Emma starred with Romero and her beloved dog Rodeo in Torremendo, at the tv-famed Grand Design Abroad house in Flamenco shows, and in Rojales, amongst other venues.

“Romero is having a well deserved retirement,” said Emma, who starred in the Horse Theatre show in Cavella, Germany.

“In unprecedented times of COVID-19, I feel blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people, and working with such magnificent horses.”

*Emma is practising Trick Riding sessions with James Denny that are broadcast on Instagram:@emmatytherleigh

THE COURTYARD LOS MONTESINOS WILL BE RE-OPENING ON MAY 26. Samantha & staff look forward to seeing you soon. Keep Safe.


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