Remembering KEITH FLOYD


  • Quote: ‘You can see by Keith’s face he had a great night – the drinking continued into the early hours’
  • Andrew Atkinson talks to former amateur jockey, actor, musician and performing artist Gary Gibson Lennon, who rolled back the clock during COVID-19 lockdown, remembering his time with legendary cook, restaurateur and tv celebrity star Keith Floyd.

MY dear old friend Keith Floyd, spoke Gary Gibson Lennon, reflecting back on the day he spent with the charismatic cook 25 years ago.

“I spent the day with Keith at his restaurant Floyd’s Inn, also known as Tuckenhay, in Totnes, Devon, in 1995,” said Gary, booked to perform by Floyd.

“It was a great gig at his place – which I performed solo!,” said Gary, who has appeared as John Lennon in film shots, and shared the same stage as legends Sir Tom Jones and Sir Elton John.

Floyd was renowned for taking a drink from a glass of wine during filming of his tv shows, and Gary smiled: “You can see by Keith’s face he had a great night – the drinking continued into the early hours.

“The following morning we all sat down for breakfast in the restaurant, and my brother Greg insisted that Keith cooked his breakfast.

“He kept saying ‘Greg Gibson wants his breakfast cooked by Keith Floyd! – which he happily did!”.

Gary, tutored by Lester Piggott in Newmarket, prior to taking out an amateur jockey licence, said: “After breakfast Keith had to catch a train to London, to record a television show.

Gary Gibson Lennon (right) next to Keith Floyd (centre).
Gary Gibson Lennon (right) next to Keith Floyd (centre).

“Before he left he helped jump-start my car, along with the girlfriends and Greg – the battery had gone flat!”

Gary recalled: “There was Keith, poshly suited-up, along with the rest of the entourage, pushing the car, down a hill!

” ‘Gary, dear boy, thank God it started! I’m going to be pushed now – to catch that ****ing train!’, said Floyd.

“Golden days – Keith was such a great guy – and a ‘natural’ comedian! RIP Keith, Love Gary x.”

Bon viveur Floyd died of a heart attack in 2009, aged 65.

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