• Nationally, wew COVID-19 infections fall but daily deaths rise to 244.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed a further 244 deaths and 685 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours. The increase of new cases is 0.31% compared to yesterday taking the figure to 25,857 deaths and 220,325 infections across Spain.

However the Government does not include the deaths reported by the Community of Madrid and Catalonia.

The good news is that 126,002 people have been discharged after overcoming the disease, with a further 2,516 recovered in the last hours, an increase of 2%.

Today, Wednesday, the Congress of Deputies will hold a plenary session to vote on the extension of the state of alarm for another 15 days, which would allow the Government of to further undertake the de escalation measures based on the plan.

Despite the insistence of the opposition group, the Partido Popular, that they will not support the vote it seems as though it will still be approved thanks to the last minute support of Ciudadanos, who has reached an agreement with the PSOE. The PNV has also joined the ‘yes group’ in exchange for being able to run its own de-escalation schedule.

Comunidad Valencia

  • No new admissions to Intensive Care

The Ministry of Health has added 37 new cases by PCR, 12 deaths, 11 admissions and 92 recoveries during the last 24 hours and most encouragingly, there have been no new admissions’ to Intensive Care.

This is the first time since the start of the pandemic that the figure of “zero” has been achieved, a sign of hope that we are getting closer to overcoming this terrible disease and one more fact in the justification de-escalation. The pressure pulse in hospitals is the best thermometer to measure the situation.

Furthermore, the admission of patients to hospitals is also low with 11 infected with Covid-19. The ICU data is a light that has been anticipated for a long time in the Valencian Health Service.

There are also a further 92 people who have recovered in the Community.

The total number of positives in the community is 10,537 since the pandemic began (1,441 are in the province of Castellón, 3,695 in the province of Alicante and 5,401 in the province of Valencia).

As of today there are 572 people admitted to Valencian hospitals: 56 in the province of Castellón, 153 in Alicante and 363 in the province of Valencia.

In relation to ICU admissions, the downward trend continues with 3 fewer cases since the last update. They currently represent 2.5% of the total active cases with a total of 102 people admitted to the ICU: 13 in the province of Castellón, 43 in that of Alicante and 46 in the province of Valencia.

To date there have been a total of 1,302 deaths in the Valencian Community: 199 in the province of Castellón, 459 in Alicante and 644 in that of Valencia. There have been 13 deaths since the last update, just 2 in the province of Alicante.

The number of medical staff who have been discharged are 1,713 people. The total number of positives is 2,461 (1,793 through PCR and 668 with rapid tests), of which 748 remain active at this time (66 in the province of Castellón, 291 in the province of Alicante and 391 in the province of Valencia ).

A total of 179,070 tests have been carried out (126,789 through PCR and 52,281 through rapid tests).

Updating the situation in residences

Out of all the care homes that have had a positive case for coronavirus (156), the outbreak has been cured in 83 of them, which represents more than 53% of the total. As of today, there are positive cases in 73 centres (13 in the province of Castellón, 18 in Alicante and 42 in the province of Valencia).

Positive residents: 2,148

Positive workers: 678

Deceased residents: 485

At present, 30 residences are under active surveillance of the Valencian Community: 9 in the province of Castellón, 8 in the province of Alicante and 13 in the province of Valencia.


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