“57k Skate park” for La Aparecida – Population 535

"57k Skate park" for La Aparecida – Population 535

Government spokesman, José Aix, reported on council expenditure and contracts on Tuesday, in which he announced plans for a skate park in La Aparecida as well as the 12 month extinction of a beach cleaning service and renovation works to the ‘green area’ located in Aguamarina.

Construction works for a new “skate park” in the sports area of the tiny village of La Aparecida, will last two months and have a maximum budget of 56,712 euros.

A further 532,491 euros has been allocated to the cleaning service for Orihuela Costa beaches, a contract that will last for 12 months.

There was also a commitment to condition and renovate the green area located in Aguamarina (Orihuela Costa), for a total of 47,079 euros.

But of course there is always a ‘trade off’ for any expenditure that comes the way of Orihuela Costa and on this occasion José Aix announced his approval of a building license for a single-family home with a pool, as well as the license to build 132 homes, with commercial premises, storage rooms, garages and pools in Orihuela Costa.

A further 349,999 euros was the cost of the contract awarded to the municipal company ILDO for the conservation, maintenance of landscaped areas in municipal districts.


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