With most countries on lockdown, you can’t use your free time to take a vacation abroad or explore new places. Fortunately, you can still enjoy Spain’s rich, cultural history at the comfort of your house the same way you enjoy the William Hill Promo code. Thanks to modern tech, top sites in Spain now have virtual tours of the most iconic places in the country to help ease your adventure from the comfort of your house.

Here’s a list of virtual tours that will help you enjoy Spain’s exquisite art, architecture, and culture.

Picasso Museum, Barcelona

With Picasso being among the most celebrated Spanish painter and sculpture to have ever lived, the Picasso Museum has a lot to offer. If you’re an art fan, you can explore the museum in Barcelona and mesmerize in the most extensive collection of his work. Fortunately, they have a virtual tour to ensure you don’t miss a thing during this time that they’re closed.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

For most people, a visit to Barcelona won’t be complete without making a stop at Gaudi’s, the unfinished basilica which continues to attract the attention of many tourists. However, you won’t need to force your way through crowds of people to see the city’s most toured monument. By taking a virtual tour to see this Spanish marvel, you not only avoid multitudes of people but also get to take a good look at features that are not clearly visible on the ground.

Valencia Museum of Arts

If you’ve ever visited the Valencia Museum of Arts & Sciences, then you understand how difficult it can be to get a ticket. Nonetheless, you can bet the long queues to explore the exhibits inside through a virtual tour. This tour will give you a close look at the design and architecture of the complex and also allows you to explore other stuff.

Other Ways Of Exploring Spain From Home

Watching Movies

If you’re looking for the genuine otherness and epic space of the Spanish interior, then you may want to stream the movie Jamon. The film director, Bigas Luna, hilariously dissected the Spanish machismo, introducing the world to the two greatest actors from the country’s next generation. This movie takes you to Barcelona with bold art direction, giving you fascinating insights about the city. 

Listen to Spanish Music

When it comes to Spanish music, there’s only one place to start and that with Rosalia – a breakout star in the country’s modern pop. This Catalonia-native singer established herself in flamenco long before going mainstream with James Blake and Pharrell Williams. You can start with Malamente, a toe-tapping future classic.