House owners often confuse the differences between laminate floors and vinyl floors, as both are more affordable flooring options than marble or natural hardwood. Moreover, both look apparently the same, making the choice more difficult for buyers.

However, there are many differences between these two varieties of flooring, which they should know before choosing a particular type. Some suppliers provide both vinyl and laminate flooring options.

Thus, they can inform customers about the benefits and drawbacks of both varieties. 

Materials used – Vinyl flooring is 100% synthetic and fully made of hard plastic whereas the laminate flooring contains 99% of natural wood that is topped with a layer of resin. Hence, there is a huge difference in the materials of these two flooring varieties. However, similar natural patterns are available in both flooring materials. If someone prefers natural material, then the laminate floor will be his first choice.

Resistant to humidity – Since the laminate floor is made of wood, it does not offer absolute resistance to the moisture. If water seeps inside through the joints, the inner lying wood may be damaged due to warping or rotting. On the contrary, vinyl flooring is totally resistant to moisture and thus, it can be installed in highly humid areas, like kitchens and bathrooms, where the laminate floor is never recommended. 

Comfortable for feet – It is reportedly found that walking barefoot is more comfortable on the surface of laminate flooring. This kind of floor remains comparatively warmer during the chilling cold climate of winter and also it does not become too hot during summer.

On the other hand, vinyl flooring is not so comfortable in extreme temperatures, due to its synthetic composition. So, house owners prefer laminate floors if they have children and pets for running barefoot at home. 

High durability – The durability of both laminate and vinyl flooring options are more or less the same. However, vinyl flooring can withstand heavy traffic, due to the plastic used in making it. Even a high-quality laminate floor can be suitable for high traffic zones and may be chosen by some homeowners. 

Easy installing method – Both laminate and vinyl floors can be installed very easily and many house owners can do this job by following the DIY techniques provided by flooring suppliers. However, if anyone finds the installation job uncomfortable, he may hire expert professionals for accomplishing this job.

Affordable cost – The price of both laminate flooring and vinyl floorings are quite similar. So house owners need to check the quality, aesthetic appearance, and other factors while choosing any particular type of flooring. 

Hence, house owners need to decide the variety of flooring that will be suitable for their necessities and budgets.


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